Check Please

I’m sure we’re all familiar with checklists and even more familiar with carrying around a mental checklist when dating. I will be completely honest. I’ve totally been a checklist dater and still continue to be one. Now let me tell you why. I am a checklist dater because while it’s all well and good to let loose in life, I like to at least have SOME idea of what I’m looking for in a potential mate. Now if you wanna wing it, then great for you; but I do constantly think about what I want in a mate and more importantly, what I NEED in a mate. The trick to checklist dating is knowing when to draw the line between trying to “create” your perfect mate and giving yourself guidelines to what you want and need in a mate and looking for it accordingly. For those of you who spend more time   trying to make someone into the perfect image of who YOU want them to be, then let me give you a little friendly advice: take stock of yourself love life and all and approach love as an ongoing adventurous journey rather than a project. You and your prospective mate will be much better off that way. And for those you checklist daters like myself, my advice to you is to just always be honest in what you’re looking for and how you approach things. Life is so much easier in the long run when we swallow the hard pill of honesty in the beginning to prevent the long-needled shot of “shoulda, coulda, woulda”.

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