When He’s Hot And The Sex Isn’t

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat is about the dreaded occurrence of dating someone who’s hot on the outside but not so much between the sheets. Ladies, most of  you have dated someone like this or know of someone who has. Send your comments!

(Don’t you hate that?)

If you’re a functioning female and were able to orgasm with a previous partner – and if he’s that hot – the guy just might be worth teaching and keeping around.

When he’s hot and the sex is not, you have to remember three things:
1. No guy is born knowing exactly how to please you.
2. Instead of exploring how your body responds, a lot of men will approach sex with you the exact same way they approached sex with the previous girlfriend.
3. Some guys suck in the sack because they view – and take their cues from porn.  (See 4/2/12 blog: Do Men Who Look at Pornography Make Bad Lovers?)

Hot guys are not automatically going to turn you on between the bed sheets no matter what daytime soap you’re addicted to.  If a hot guy can’t please you, either read him your sexual directions, or send him on his way.  A friend of mine symbolically sent her Adonis to Graham Norton’s red chair and had a good laugh.
Then we both agreed that when he’s hot and the sex is not, the stress just ain’t worth it.

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