The Hidden Message of Flowers: What the Bouquet Says About Your Relationship

Here’s a bonus post from new contributor Guest about the significance of flowers in a relationship. Enjoy!

How do you know when “hanging out” becomes “dating” or “dating” is exclusive? Starting conversations about your relationship status can be nerve-racking, and subtlety is rarely rewarding when you want to know if you’re the one and only.

Sending flowers dates back to the Victorian era, when a man would ask for permission to court a woman. This was a precursor to taking things to the next level and onto marriage. The man would send flowers, carefully thought out arrangements with each flower adding to an overall meaning of a bouquet or p. Women could spend hours looking up meanings in reference books and debating the intent of each flower with friends, family, and chaperones.

Things are more ambiguous these days, we don’t have to be married to be socially acceptable or to survive, so relationships have gotten increasingly casual and confusing. If you’re ready for some clarity, try using flowers to start the conversation.

Let’s Be Exclusive
If you want to officially take yourself off the market, don’t start by requesting a relationship status update on Facebook, have a real-life conversation first (reference: Address whether you’re both ready to be exclusive and then make sure you agree on boundaries and parameters for your relationship. These flowers will help you start the conversation. Violets represent faithfulness. These beautiful and delicate flowers can be presented in a cut bouquet or as a potted plant.
Freesia for trust, these flowers have a strong and sweet perfume.
Sunflowers denote purity and are one of the most cheerful flowers.

I’m Not Sure We’re On the Same Page

Think he is stepping out on you or acting inappropriately? Not sure you’re in agreement about what “exclusive” means? Yellow roses are representative of jealousy and a good way to say “I’m concerned” without being accusatory. Petunias will help you express anger, while snapdragons suggest deception.

Getting Serious

If it’s time to take it to the next level – moving in together, engagement, or just saying “I love you”, there are flowers that can help with that too. Cook up a dinner at your place and accent your table setting with candles and a”>vase full of meaning.

  • Red roses are perfect for a classic declaration of love, but beware, some will find them cliché or unimaginative. Know your audience and choose accordingly!

Red tulips also offer a declaration of love. More delicate than roses, and less common, they can be construed as less boastful and, perhaps, more genuine.
Bird of Paradise means something wonderful is coming. Save this for a big proposal, the kind with a ring or an impending mortgage payment!

So Long, Farewell
If your time together might be coming to an end and you want to soften the blow, or attempt a civilized conversation to dissolve your relationship try offering sweet peas for goodbye or striped carnations for rejection.

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