Get It Straight…You’re Not A Vegetarian

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat focuses on getting the facts straight on how you describe yourself to others. Have you ever been innocently or not so innocently misleading or been the one to find out that what you thought you knew about someone was misleading?

There seems to be a new generation of people out there who don’t know the definition of “vegetarian”.  They call themselves vegetarian, then they proudly add that they eat fish, or chicken.  Sorry, no, you’re not a vegetarian.  So stop saying that you are.

HELLO?  The word itself – vegetarian – should clue you into its definition.

Which brings me to relationships.  He just asked you out.  After the theatre, he takes you to a Greek restaurant.  Over drinks you talk about yourselves.  You tell him you are a vegetarian.  Pleased, he says he is, too.  The waiter greets you.  You order the chicken breast over rice; he orders stuffed peppers.  After the waiter leaves he says, “I thought you were a vegetarian”.

When you don’t have your facts straight, and you meet a guy who does, chances are he isn’t going to waste his time straightening you out.  So don’t be surprised that after he politely bids you “good-night”, you never hear from him again.  It’s little things like erroneousness that can turn a guy off in a nano-second.  Why?  Because it shows you’re not as smart as you could be; and perhaps a bit lazy, too.  Once upon a time, you had to go to a bookstore to buy a dictionary.  Now you can go to and type in “vegetarian”.  That will teach you next time to say, “I don’t eat meat, but I do eat chicken and fish”.

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