Online Dating Is Silly

The world of online dating is fraught with humor, annoyance, pain, and a huge need of being able to read between the lines. Most of us at one time or another have either signed up on an online dating site or at least considered it (until we’ve heard about the casualties). Staff writer Rachel Brownjohn’s latest weekly post goes more into detail about online dating with a little bit of her own experience. Let us know! Are you an online dating skeptic, casualty, or success story?

So you know how I’ve alluded to my online dating before? Let’s get serious and talk about this. I have a problem with online dating. Not like a problem problem, one that would require anonymous support, I just don’t love it. But after reading a very well explained post by  fellow staff writer, Frank Friedlander, I did some pondering, maybe online dating is not the deepest darkest thing to do. I’ll come clean.


I have an OkCupid, y’all. Ugh. I hate myself for telling you this/ having one. But it’s so hard to meet people in the real world after college! Don’t you think? I spend a lot of time hanging out with my pre-established friend group and it’s tough to expand my grown up social circle. So I’ve cracked. And moved this party online.  I’m officially on my 5th round of OkCupid. I have a tendency to go on like three dates, start dating the third person more consistently, and delete my profile with the reasoning that, “Even if this doesn’t work out, I’ll meet someone else the good old-fashioned way!”. Lies. These are lies I tell myself. Unfortunately, if you completely delete your account, you have to start over from scratch. And I always delete, it’s those lies I keep telling, they get me every time.


So I’m back online again, sigh. But I have a confession, filling out an online profile is one of my all time favorite activities. Specifically, a silly profile (because no one is super-duper serious on a free online dating site, you know? ) I tried to fill out a profile once and it was nowhere near as exciting, trust me. I didn’t feel like I was grown up enough yet to explain myself the way they wanted me to. Maybe one day. But on OkCupid I get to go crazy. Body type?  Jacked. That’s right online daters, I know you can see from my pictures I’m regular looking but under these sundresses I’m like John Cena. Activities? Spinning in office chairs. This is actually true, but isn’t it silly to get to put that online?! Because if I’m being honest, I just really think all of dating is a bit silly. It’s one of the most important things to me (finding love! Woo hoo!), but silly.  I think we all have to have a pretty serious sense of humor to show up for dates with strangers, or get to know each other, or go on any adventures.
I wonder sometimes if maybe I should grow up online, stop being so silly, and really commit.  But what’s love good for if it can’t make us feel like little kids again? Carefree and full of life. That’s all I really want, so for now, silly I shall remain.



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4 thoughts on “Online Dating Is Silly

    • I would agree with you, Angela, that there are some people that feel online dating to still be very strange; but I would say that these days the majority have gone the online dating route rather than finding someone while out on the town. Most feel that it’s more expedient in this instance; if you meet someone online, you would probably lay out your requirements quite quickly and if they’re not met, you move on. A little clinical yes, but also it can save other from wasting time with someone they would have no interest in.

  1. Hey Angela! I think I’ve struggled with that very same idea! If I’m using the Internet to connect with people does that mean there is something wrong with me? That’s my basic struggle. I’d say that among my peers online dating has become a very accepted form of looking for someone, while its definitely something I still struggle about win completely okay with.

    I suppose some people might still maintain that stigma of deviance and I’m sure that online there are definitely more options up that alley.
    In my own personal experience, I find that when I’m not working I’m with a large group of established friends and it’s often difficult to find new people to connect with if you don’t stray into new territory often.
    Are there other options of meeting people? Of course! I guess for me it’s been opening myself up to meeting people in all kinds of ways and connecting with people that I might not cross paths with in my personal universe.
    So to answer your question, yes I absolutely think its becoming a norm. But the stigma you mention is exactly why I still struggle with the whole concept of it.

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