He Was Nothing To Me

Today’s blog post by new staff writer K.L. Greene discusses the occasional phenomenon of discovering you have feelings for someone who has caught you when least want to be. Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

He was nothing to me — for years (the vast majority of his life/the same of mine) — for months, for days…before he spoke — he was nothing to me.
Then his garbled sentence shocked me and called my senses back to the forefront.
Why did he speak to me that day? Why did my ears connect immediately to my heart, to my hope?
Why did I let something turn me upside down — something/someone that meant nothing to me mere moments before…?
I don’t approve.
For I am the untouchable. I am the I-don’t-care-about-your-existence girl (clause: if I suspect it could change mine.)
If you’re good-looking and witty, be gone. I choose to not see you. I can’t acknowledge that which may end up wanton.
But he got me when my guard was down. When I didn’t see the threat. And months later, he festers. My vulnerability partially revealed to him, but completely revealed to me – the one it really bothers.
It seems this hard-ass is nothing but a lovelorn seventh-grader… sounding out our names together and creating a perpetual to-do list for two.

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