She’s Out of My League. Do I Have a Chance?

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat focuses on the necessity of knowing what you’re getting into and never assuming one size fits all in relationships.

Anything’s possible.  It depends upon both of you.

“She works on Wall Street.  I’m a Level II car mechanic.  What in the world would she see in me?”

Well – if you have them – she’ll see qualities in you that she believes will sustain a successful relationship.

“What qualities are those?”  Find out for yourself during the “get-to-know-one-another-stage”.  This stage is super-crucial and should last several months.  Never, ever skip this stage.  The more time you spend talking and letting her fill in the blanks, the better.  And, no, don’t take any shortcuts like asking
your friends or going to relationship sites to advise you what Ms Wall Street desires in a guy.  Most importantly, never assume anything!

For example: never assume that just because your previous girlfriend adored your sense of humor that Ms Wall Street needs someone to make her laugh.  Or that Ms Wall Street condones little white lies – or lies of any size – because you and your ex tolerated them.  Ms Wall Street’s bar may be higher than your ex’s; and for good reason.  Ms Wall Street wants a successful relationship/marriage–til death do you part, while your ex just wanted a schlump to take care of her.

So, is she out of your league?  If you don’t share the same qualities with her to make a successful relationship last “til death do you part” then, yes, she’s out of your league.  Oh, and if you don’t really have those qualities and think you’ll fake one or two of them, think again.  Remember, women are born with mythology radars.  They can tell when a guy is lying, being insincere, or acting like a lamebrain – which liars do.  And who wants to get into bed with a lamebrain, let alone marry one?  Am I right, girls?

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