Waking Up Alone in the Rays of Clarity

The morning dawns too soon for Emma is not ready to leave her dream lover
She wakes reluctantly as her alarm screeches at her to come back to reality
As she prepares for her day, she recaps the stolen moments with her handsome stranger
And as she thinks of the dreams he influenced in her sleep, she wonders,
What is his name? Will I ever see him again? Did I lose my chance at love by not speaking?
She is floating on the dreams from the night and the interest she saw in his eyes
But she curses herself for not being brave and taking a chance or at least getting his name…

Her mystery man, Gabe, has a similar start to his morning, he is buoyed by pleasant dreams
But he wonders how long he should wait to take advantage to have another “chance meeting”
Should he go to the coffee shop in a couple of days and introduce himself or should he wait?
For though Gabe is a romance novelist, his own life is far from picture perfect
He has always been too afraid to trust himself and take chances with his heart
But this time, it felt different, Emma was different. He felt he found something and someone special.
As Gabe continues to prepare for his day, he resolves to be bold and see what may happen.
In two days time, he would know if his chance meeting with Emma was fate or a fluke.

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