Dream Therapy on a Lonely Moonlit Night

She lies in bed, her mind full of storylines from her book and of the story she finds herself in.
She pictures the attractive stranger from the coffee shop, his gaze drinking her in
Her gaze taking it in but not knowing what to do about the moment share between them
She had been a regular customer at the shop for months and had not seen this man before
Though he had been there all along in his own corner of the shop apart of literary worlds he created
He awaked a knowing in her, like she was meant to see him, to walk into this particular story
The moonlight casts shadows in her bedroom as she fades into dreams, his face featured vividly
In her dreams, he beckons her to get closer to get to know him, to see what may come
In her dreams, she reaches out but doesn’t feel the emptiness, she feels the warmth and feels right.
He lies in bed running storylines and characters in his head planning his next book
But the characters in his head have nothing to do with his novel
And the characters are he and his mystery girl and the storyline is their romance unfolding
Though doubt and uncertainty leaves their storyline as being a few sentences
He has already added a plot twist to bring them together again
For he has talked to the barista about her and now knows when he might have another chance
And with his plan and information, he now has her name…Emma
He sighs as he falls asleep dreaming of Emma; but to him, she will always be his Lady Mystery.

One thought on “Dream Therapy on a Lonely Moonlit Night

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