The Midnight Moon and Another Lover Sleeps Alone

The darkness descends on another night
A single woman breathes a sigh
And wonders when she’ll joins the couples she sees
She walks the sidewalks, roaming the city
On her way to favorite coffee shop to devour someone else’s life
This night, by chance, she sees a new face, but not new to her atmosphere
For like her, he roams the city waiting for love
He devours the auras of those around him each in their own little world
Being a writer, he catches the undertones and uses them as his inspiration
He notices the woman sitting alone, an expression of longing on her pretty face
And rather than drawing her into his literary world, she draws him into hers
For a small moment, she breaks the reverie of her book and looks up
She sees the solitary writer watching her, absorbing her, memorizing every detail
He sees her watching him watching her; he smiles and she smiles back.
He’s already writing her into his next story, his dream romance
She’s already placing him as the hero in her favorite story, her own
Then the moment is lost, for in that breath of acknowledgment,
Their fears grow stronger than their desire to take a chance
For they both have been burned in love and are afraid to try
Even as they both want to be more than an army of one
She gets up and leaves and shares a familiar farewell greeting with the barista
He notices, will he let her go and just let her be a dream, a character in another story
Or will he do some research in hopes of meeting the mystery woman again?

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