Smile As Big As the Moon in Spite of Tears

I reflect on my life and my glimpses of what love could be
A kiss? An embrace? An escape into the unknown?
A marriage to someone known yet unknown, a path to normalcy
Children, a need to have my own identity
A makeshift diary is the only place I can find the comfort of honesty
Another life, another soul looking for their own path to love fulfilled
A novel and another and another to escape into someone else’s world
A romance I can write myself into through my imagination guided by pages
An email, a phone call, a meeting repeated with another never quite the same
Years in an ever-deepening circle until finally clarity lights the stage leading to
The next act in the play of life, romance, lessons, and every emotion in between
I put myself on the memory lane of where I’ve been thus far and plot my next path
A smile formed on my lips and lightens my eyes through the tears
As I see that I’m not nearly done, I have just reached the next plateau to a new terrain.

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