He Just Got Dumped. Should I Date Him?

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat explains why rebound dating is a bad idea for both sides. Have you rebound dated? What was your story?

Hell, no!  He’s on the rebound.

A guy on the rebound is not a choosy man.  He’ll select just about any woman needy enough to be nursemaid to his bruised ego.  Once you’ve put the band-aid (sex) on his boo-boo, he’ll no longer feel hurt.  When he no longer feels hurt, he’ll bid you “Adieu” and head out the door to find true love.  So, don’t date him.  Don’t even offer to water his dying Philodendron.

“But, but, but after dinner, as he followed me out the restaurant door, he said ‘Nice ass’.”

Listen, if you just got dumped and your ego got kicked to the curb, you too would gush some kind of manipulative line to get what you wanted, right?  Wrong.  You’re not a manipulator.  However, you do possess a manipulator radar.  Which means you recognize manipulative statements and don’t fall for them.  So, don’t fall for him, or his line of crap.

Instead, advise the schlemiel to take some time off from women (several months) and tell him, “You’ll never find happiness until you stop looking for it”.  Then go home and curl up on the couch with the cat and your iPad.  Tap the YouTube icon, then type in – and watch – the nine-part documentary: The Men Who Killed Kennedy.  A free education sure beats being used by a guy who has no respect for himself…or you.

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