The Bitch Glitch

Now nearly every woman has had that mad moment in which we’ve snapped in complete and utter frustration bordering closely to pure wrath, a moment in which we don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire or how much wreckage is left in the end once we’re done waging war for whatever we feel we’ve been wronged in. It’s okay. I get it. I’ve had MORE than my share of those moments, but when the smoke clears, was there truly a winner? Were we really avenged? Let me answer that, usually no.

There are certain instances in which we need to release the anger before it either causes us to implode or spontaneously combust from its heat; but more times than not, it’s all about retaliation and nothing about righting a wrong to prevent it from happening in the future. We want to hit that person where it hurts, pain and misery be damned! Immediately after that fight and maybe even for a while afterwards, we might feel victorious, justified even, but 6 months down the road, next relationship if and when this fight happens again whether over the same thing or something else; you have to wonder, is it the guy or is it you? Being right is cold comfort in exchange for the comfort of someone warm who wants to love you and enhance your life. This can pertain to a significant other, family member, or even friends that have been by your side until they are driven away.

We all need to vent and even let someone know when they’ve done something to wrong us; but when it seems as if your relationships are highlighted by fights, then you need to pay attention and figure out if those “necessary fights” are truly worth it in the end. Do we really want to continue stomaching our cold served revenge or is it time to consider a big steaming slice of humble pie?

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