Shuistrology for August 2012

Want to know what the stars have aligned for you this month? Check out this shuistrology report from Ellen Whitehurst, find your sign and see what August has in store! Cheers!


Your Stars:
A sense of renewal and healing will be yours for the taking this month Aries, especially if you take the time to sing along with the melodic songs coming from your very own soul. This renewal and this healing happening in August however are really only precursors to the radical transformation that will be igniting both your creativity AND a big clearing out too. If you want to keep moving forward into a fine future now is the perfect time to divest of people, places and things that no longer reflect a whole new (and faboo!) you. There is just no more room for pushing back against change Aries. Aren’t you tired of trying to tread the waters of the status quo? It’s apropos then that NOW is also the time to allow waves of your emotions as well as more waves of your truth to engulf you before you share those same things with everyone else. And it will be a very special someone who will be instrumental in making you much more aware of what your real feelings are while also encouraging you to articulate them in August. Your commitment to communicating honestly in August will bring you nothing but success – – on all fronts. And that commitment will bring you comfort and happiness too. As will one particularly spectacular day when you will feel such a shift and such stability that you will be filled with overflowing energy, enthusiasm and a total knowing that everything’s going to be just fine from here. Need to know when you’ll be taking your power and your control back? Read on.


Your Stars:
You are one luxury loving sign Taurus and so it is with the utmost pleasure that I tell you that you have Jupiter, the giver of fortune and luck, the expansive planet that showers generosity and jubilance, joy and swag, sitting in your 2nd House of MONEY for a specific and particular time in August! Oh Taurus, if I could I would just stop right there because I am so enthused and optimistic about what this energy is going to do for you that I am almost beside myself. But, then, upon further investigation I see that this month will also make you question who’s sitting beside you as well? That’s because you will have one whopper of an opportunity to rid yourself of negative people, places and things that might be impeding your personal development and progress. In fact, some friendships are sure to be tested this month as others around you demand of both your energy and your time – – and the stars say that some will be doing that for the last time too! You need to DO YOU in August especially if you’re planning on taking advantage of the aforementioned attention heading your way holding hands with recognition, rewards and possibly even an unexpected bonus and/or raise! This big boost in self-esteem makes the excellent astro happenings on the home front even happier too so take time to enjoy. It will be equally as critical to take time to expand and expound upon your future vision too, so, let the whiners and the haters have it their way and you bring balance to your being. And, then, there’s the day that romance makes it’s way front and center even stealing a little of your August spotlight. But you won’t care because the stars in your eyes will be providing more than enough illumination. Forget that itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, this is THE day to wear your heart on your sleeve. Even if you’re going sleeveless. The love light will be that strong. Want to know when? Read on.


Your Stars:
Not one but TWO tremendously lucky days wait for you during a month that holds a whole heaping helping of self-acceptance, self-understanding, and, most importantly, an increased and expanded sense of self-worth! Oh, and did I say that August will bring increased and expanded opportunities to make more money too? New business associates as well as new and/or existing romantic ones will round out the other energies influencing you in August too. Now as far as all that extra coin and cash, well, you might find that you will have to be a bit less frivolous and a bit more frugal earlier on, but, then, there’s a definite turnaround towards month’s end that will bring much more fortune, financially and otherwise. And there will be one special and lucky day then too that will also shower you with recognition and rewards for a job well done. This is the perfect month to get out and about in a solid networking way while also focusing on your creative projects. And, well, don’t forget there’s even going to be a little rollicking romance too so don’t forget the breath mints either! Oh and did I say August will also bring an increased and expanded opportunities to make more money too? I did? Want to know when? Yeah, I thought so. Read on.


Your Shui:
August is a month of beauty, attraction, love, softness, beauty, receptivity, love, romance, pleasure, love and, oh, did I say beauty and love too? You exude beauty on every level and you absolutely glow with radiance, elegance and, um, did I say love? This month you will be attracting partnerships of every kind – – and those relationships will be much more harmonious and pleasing than what you’ve been experiencing previously. You are healing from the past and heading into a future that will now attract more mature and more committed and DEFINITELY more pleasurable partnerships! The planets and the stars are happily aligning as well as colluding to make sure that this month is especially fortunate for charismatic, charming and, yes, LUCKY you! Look, if I only had this to share about what you can expect in August, well, it would be so much more than enough! But, wait, just listen to this. THIS month – – yes – – THIS month – – not only are you going to be blessed with increased attractiveness and income but you are going to be able to heal old wounds that will then allow you to open your heart (and your mind) while also offering pleasing pathways to push you past (and overcome at last!) your fears. Once there Cancer you will find fabulous, healthy and heart/soul nurturing connections encouraging new and daring collaborations as well. And all you have to do is breathe. Believe beauty, just believe! Now, if you want to know why and what you’re believing, read on!


Your Stars:
Even though most days, weeks and/or months are always all about you Leo, this particular August is going to me more about you than most – – and in some very good and some very interesting ways. Self-promotion, self-marketing and building connections, connections, and, yes, even more connections will allow you to build your confidence and your career as well. There is a big boost to your income in August to be sure but you’ll have to do the legwork and also put off all the extraneous in order to achieve and accomplish the goals that August all but guarantees! Now, early on things may seem a little off kilter but there is one specific day when the Sun shifts and shines on you and everything – – including your career, your love and your life purpose all get back on track. Social invites are going to come out of the woodwork so you best have several pairs of dancing shoes and an equal amount of party hats ready to rock at a moment’s notice! Get ready Leo because even though you pride yourself on sharing your expansive aura of authority, this month you will be able to bring originality and impetus to a particular project or plan that will enrich and enhance every area of your life. So, during the days where you might just be questioning when or how any of this scope could possibly be true, just be patient and wait for the one I mentioned before. Because everything turns on a dime on that day. And then more cash and coin will undoubtedly (and soon!) follow. Want to know when? Read on.


Your Stars:
Oh Virgo, such good news, such good news! It appears that August will find you finally ready to stop trying to repair the past so you can move on to proactively creating your future. An empowering shift to be sure and one that you have been stuck circling around for too long a while now! No mas my friend, no mas. This is also going to be a great month for action, attraction and socializing too! In fact, enhancing and enriching your relationships – -romantic and otherwise – – will be the loving result of some beautiful and rewarding planetary influences. But don’t think that August is all about attraction and love since August and abundance will go hand in hand as well! So make sure that you are out and about with only those people who nourish and nurture your spirit and your soul since the most aggressive energy of the month also promises that you are about to meet a special someone who can change the trajectory of your entire life. And, then, there’s one particular day, or actually one specific night that if you make a wish upon a star it will come true! Super and stellar this day encourages you to overcome obstacles presented in the past while inspiring you with a brief but bliss filled glimpse into your future. Want to know when to start your evening prayers with “star light, star bright, first star I see tonight” – – and then finish with “I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.” And if that wish were about you starting over in August, well…… If you want to know the night your dreams come true, read on.


Your Stars:
Friendship is going to bring you such joy this month and well, let’s face it – – vivacious vitality, a big boost in mood and much more HOPE will be a welcome relief from the tension and anxieties afflicting you in the recent past. You are also set to receive both recognition and rewards that promise to improve your personal and your professional circumstances too. Although the early days of the month might feel a bit unsettling and choices and decisions might appear difficult to make during that same time too, there will be one spectacular and special day when the tide changes and waves and waves of inspiration, connections, creativity and even romantic possibilities are everywhere you look! This is a month when BIG success will be predicated by you putting your best foot forward but do also know that both of your feet will soon be stepping into exciting, empowering and satisfying energies! Social support, a new circle of friends and a deep sense of belief and confidence that everything is getting better will bring those same tremendous results. Network all you can in August, keep your boundaries strong and remember that you deserve only and all the best. Now, aren’t you curious as to just what day will make the lessons of the last two and a half years history? Read on.


Your Stars:
This is an exciting month for you with clearly defined energies excitedly activating abundance opportunities, partnerships filled with potential and more income coming from your professional relationships as well! This planetary predicated expansion and the recognition and rewards that follow will also encourage and allow your confidence and your career to both blast into the stratosphere. Open your mind to new inspirations and ideas in order to fully fire up your imagination so that it can help you create a more fulfilling, prosperous and personally satisfying future. There will also be one special influential and instrumental someone who will step up early on to help you navigate the whirlwind energies enveloping you in August. You must mind your pace however since early August will feel frenetic and dizzying. That said, if you can manage to set your pace and follow your purpose and your path then August invites you to reach the apex of your ambitions while achieving and accomplishing a dearly held dream or two. These frantic but fantastic August adventures will slow down after one particularly pleasant and peaceful day. It will actually be on this same day when more playful and personally comfortable energies will begin to unfold while also activating BIG romance and, yes, even the potential to taste true love! Want to know when to pucker up? Read on!


Your Stars:
This is a month of deep and wonderful emotional healing for you as well as one of intuition, inspiration and imagination too! You will be working through quite a bit of emotional overwhelm early in the month and, well, loving adventure the way you do you will be sure to be feeling a bit more confined than is comfortable for you. But the promise of possible healing that comes alongside these extraordinary energies should keep you sitting still until all the deep down drama has come to the surface so you can wish it farewell. And, then a specific and spectacular couple of days come to release you – from the past and from the pissy people aggravating you early on too. Legal issues and real estate agendas both open up after that and offer you some relief and resolution during some supercharged days in August as well! You can be sure that once your belief systems are all on ‘GO’ and you travel through this expansive transformation that you will then be all set to move forward with greater confidence, conviction and even with MUCH greater cooperation from others as well. Cooperation from others being a critical component making August a little antsy too. There is some potential for misunderstanding with those aforementioned others so expect to see a bit of stirring the pot – – while additionally stirring up of resentments, both old and new. This will happen when a cranky couple of days come calling, but, once again, don’t forget that on the flipside you’ll also have opportunities to once and for all resolve old dilemmas and heal even older wounds that have been keeping you hostage from a fabulous, whole and healed future! Then, there is one particular fun filled and exciting time in August that will bring a lucky someone into your life that could potentially make this not only a memorable but possibly even a life changing month as well! In fact this friend, loved one or even colleague brings you such good news that it actually changes the way you visualize your future! This, however, is not the month to make the move forward. Rather, just spend time planning and coming up with new, adventurous and exciting ways to put the wheels in motion in September instead. For now, just know that there is one special day when the Universe will practically hand you, on a silver platter, all the resources and relationships you need to reach your goals and dearly held desire. Want to know when that golden day will shine just for you? Read on!


Your Stars:
I have three little but extraordinarily powerful words for you this month Capricorn and they’re not I LOVE YOU. Although obviously I do, I really love telling you that the three keywords connected to your energies this August are UNEXPECTED ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES! Yup, yup, it might be the dog days around here but pretty soon you’re going to find yourself barking up the right tree, the one that money DOES grow on! But before you think all August is all and only about increasing cash and coin I can also tell you that relationship and romance are both spotlighted this month as well. Business partnerships are sure to stand center stage and so I then have to simply remind you that where those same relationships are concerned flattery WILL get you everywhere. In August! In fact, in all of your relationship agendas and endeavors that same piece of advice will still stand. In August. If you are single then there is almost sure to be a TREMENDOUS opportunity to meet someone simpatico and swell and if you are attached your commitment could most surely deepen. Speaking of commitment, if you can add and infuse more of those dedicated energies into your career right now – – this month – -during a few specific and special days – – then you can also go ahead and get ready to attract and embrace some HUGE recognition and reward coming and calling to you in the very near future. This is a wonderful month to make amends and make whoopi and, as mentioned, to make yourself a money magnet too! Are you ready to take some bold and big steps up both your professional and your personal ladders to success? Do you want to know what specific day will invite and then assist you to do just that? Read on!


Your Stars:
Could I be any more excited? Well I could if I were you! Because this month comes laden with both the prospects and the promise that you are about to FINALLY get the recognition AND the financial rewards that you soooooooo deserve! Yup. I said it. That’s your story. And I’m sticking to it too! Tons of terrific energies encompass career – happiness and harmony take their proper place alongside pending prosperity too! You are vibrating at a higher frequency and attracting benefits and blessings in work related projects while also feeling physically better at the same time. Inspiration and imagination pay off in a HUGE and expansive way in August especially if you focus your energies on reaping those same results. You are building your foundation to the future this month and it’s looking truly tremendous and really lucky too. In fact and speaking of luck there will be one specific and spectacular day this month when a ‘charm’ing collaborator comes calling to help you unleash your talent fully especially if you are working towards and for a cause and a career that you one thousand percent believe in! Your gift and your goal in August is to nurture, nourish and give gratitude for the relationships that surround you so that they can do the same for you. Money and love are both on this month’s menu too but they are the direct result of all that aforementioned relationship recognition. Get set to enjoy an incredibly auspicious and delicious month Aquarius. And get ready to meet a walking talking lucky charm. Want to know when? Read on!


Your Stars:
This is an incredible and beautiful month for you – overflowing with all sorts of opportunities to connect with love, unity, romance and play as well as a rich and diverse assortment of opportunities to grow both emotionally and spiritually as well! And all of these opportunities come without you even having to do too much work! My favorite kind of month of all – one immersed in attraction, magnetism, creativity and self expression while also allowing you to feel more full (of everything enjoyable) than you’ve been in a long, long, long time! And all you have to do is show up. Deep shifts and deeper changes are happening on an energetic level so do be sure to take time to connect with your Higher Power and/or Source especially earlier on. Nurturing your natural spiritual side might be a bit more difficult to do after some specific days when all those aforementioned partnership possibilities shifts your focus to other people – the scores and scads who want to contact, connect and love, love, love you! August will also allow that dreamy fantasy-fueled side of you to float into your everyday experiences as well which will only exponentially increase all that charm, charisma and popularity you’re emanating. And, then, there IS this – you will have the potential to develop a partnership of strength, dedication and endurance – that could additionally be life altering as well. On that day you’ll want to be sure to do everything possible to make the best first impression. Want to know when you should be wearing red? Read on!

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