Empowering Days of August 2012

Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Enjoy!

After all the bumping and the grinding of the last few months it sure would be nice to get the proverbial break and that’s exactly what August offers. You’ll be allowed to come down off the pole but you won’t miss the ballyhoo or even a beat. And speaking of bumping and grinding, sexy Venus is getting ready to add her special kind of love and some oh la la light to spiritual Neptune before adding more goodness in a ménage a energy with healing Chiron as well. What does all this mean exactly? Take some time to restore and refuel especially in the early days. And then once you’re all tanked up begin anew. And begin by creating new and even better ways to lay the foundation for your future. Look, resistance is futile my friends and the changes keep a comin’ for the next few years. How can you make the pieces of your life form a new and different puzzle? One that’s not so – – well – – puzzling? Pay attention to your passion. And your intuition as well. The energies that support those intentions are here and now and they’re certainly shaking up the status quo. We keep talking about revolutionary resolutions but so far have only skimmed the surface. The great thing about August is the promise of the positive in all this passionate planning. And magic. And miracles. And even GOOD LUCK might make it here too. It’s more than possible that your plans will move forward – – it’s probable. And they are careening right towards recognition. And rewards. I mean, I can’t exactly promise momentum – – but the planet’s can. And are! Be ready to ignite and activate your intentions especially towards the end of August and you’ll be ready to strip away illusion and get back to the breakthroughs. You know, the ones that August is offering up on a silver platter. Bottom line is that August at its best encourages us to focus and then says that if we are and if we do than we can get a ton accomplished. August. Breakthroughs and forward movement. On a silver platter. And, well, really, most of the time I like the platter more than the pole. Don’t you? Most of the time?

Now, speaking of the bottom line – – I won’t go into the woo woo or even the astrology of why but I will keep sounding the Ellen alarm and keep repeating the same money message over and over and over again. If we don’t do something about the exploding world debt than we are looking at the unwinding of the entire global financial system. Too Chicken Little for you? Well when I hear that the ECB is ready to start printing money to support and preserve the euro and I know how much that’s helped the U.S. and Japanese economies, well, you do the math. And all of this while Mercury’s still treading water and stuck in stall. Uh oh. And it’s you, YES YOU August 10 thru 20 that I’m specifically speaking to. Explosive indeed. But until we fall off the ‘fiscal cliff’ (maybe early next year) I expect that every piece of promising ‘good news’ (and I say that tongue in cheek btw) will predicate a market rally because we simply can’t admit the reality. Uranus square Pluto says “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!” They weren’t snowed in Iceland. I just wonder when the rest of us will wake up? Until then, I’ll be staying on the sidelines while the rest of everybody else goes long. Except Zuckerberg. He just don’t care.

AUGUST 1 ……… Brilliant Full Moon in visionary Aquarius tonight while the Sun sextiles generous, joyful and expansive Jupiter all the wonderful day! Inspiration empowers and entertains at the same time. Hey! Sounds like my brand! As Van would say “it’s a marvelous night for a moon dance” and I say it’s a fantabulous one for uncorking your creativity too! Speaking of Morrison and moon dancing – – locate the ‘Creativity’ area of your main floor or even in your bedroom (center or middle of right hand wall) and play some jams there that will have you up and dancing in the dark or under the moon shine or, well, whatever. Leave music playing in this space for at least three consecutive hours in order to activate every inspiration, idea and creative advantage these astro energies have in store and soon you’ll not only be shaking your booty but making a pirate’s one from taking those same ideas out into the big, wide world!

AUGUST 7 ……… Loving Venus enters homebody and security conscious Cancer. Do something special around the house today (replace burnt out bulbs, fix leaks, clean out the kitchen cabinets etc., etc) because, well, after all, there is NO place like home. Especially if you make it a lucky one. And you can do that same thing by putting a red plant to the left of the front door (looking at the door.) This causes opportunity to come calling. And it knocks three times too! Answer it, okay?

AUGUST 8 ……… Mercury the Messenger moving direct today and apparently has quite a bit stored up to say – – that planet telling all of us that the next few days being a brand new cycle of optimism, idealism, recognition, rewards and positive results. Ring a brass bell nine times in the ‘FAME’ area and then watch as you are offered the proverbial and prosperous brass one – – ring that is.

AUGUST 9 ……… Loving, lovely, sexy sizzling Venus is trine to nebulous Neptune. Make the effort to get out and about today/tonight because the connections you can make during this magical time could prove absolutely invaluable in the not too far future. To make sure that happens, whoever new you run in today, get a business card, or, at very least, write their name on a piece of paper and keep it in a glass or crystal bowl positioned in the ‘HELPFUL PEOPLE’ arena. Helpful person indeed.

AUGUST 14 ……… If there were a polar opposite to the creamy goodness of the Super Stellar Day, today would be it. The energies today represent the antithesis of inspiration and the Bane of motivation. While I’m at it, tomorrow sucks too. With Venus opposing powerful Pluto you can reach for the chocolate or the Rhodiola, the vodka or even the stars, but the one thing you DO NOT want to be reaching for is your wallet! DON’T EVEN SHELL OUT FOR SOMETHING THAT COSTS PEANUTS! It won’t be worth it. Mars is conjunct stinkeye Saturn as well making finding headway hard so practice patience and put some yellow flowers in the center of your living space. Mellow. Yellow. Enough said.

AUGUST 15 ……… Venus squaring off against Uranus. See yesterday’s insights – – deja doo doo all over again. Not for too much longer though, nope, not for too too much longer.

AUGUST 17 ……… Oh bless you New Moon in Leo. OH THANK YOU NEW MOON IN LEO! And bless you Sun sextiling Saturn in harmonious Libra! In fact this is the closest runner up to Super Stellar that we have this month. A big ole shift from the last few days and a red carpet invite to experience fabulous new beginnings. Soak a clear quartz crystal in salted water for at least three hours, rinse and hang it in any window that the sun shines through. Activate opportunities, inspiration and a new attitude. And also know that you could luck into some fortune today too. If it’s money you want, hang the crystal in a kitchen or dining room window. If it’s love, hang it in the bedroom window and if it’s health, hang it in the living room. Sounds pretty lucky to me!

AUGUST 18 ……… Mercury the Messenger is trine electric Uranus – – BREAKTHROUGHS (not breakdowns baby!) Knock 9 times on the outside of your front door and then open it to Health, Happiness and Prosperity; the Three Great Blessings in Feng Shui. Me likey!

AUGUST 20 ……… Sun sextiles Mars in Leo/Libra. If you’ve been working on – – or even just thinking about – – a project or a plan today would be the perfect time to bring a partner in/on so you can BOTH align your energies with success. Be sure to put another ‘partner’ – – an image of the MYSTIC KNOT – – in the ‘RELATIONSHIP’ area of your living room or even in that same space of your office (or better yet – – both!) and get solidly behind the 8 ball. You DO know that 8 means money right? So will a new partner for your plans.

AUGUST 22 ……… SUPER STELLAR DAY! SUPER DUPER DUPER STELLAR DAY! Now you know that’s about all I’m going to tell you here right? If you want to know how to make this day work for you so you won’t have to work at all, well, you’ll only get that info if you are a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter. Sign up here: HYPERLINK “http://www.ellenwhitehurst.com” http://www.ellenwhitehurst.com and be among the empowered (and enlightened!) elite!

AUGUST 24 ……… Sun opposing Neptune. There’s tension. And more tension. Diffuse it by smiling. That’s right, just smile. Brighten the room. Lift your spirits and everyone else’s mood. Improve your appearance. And diffuse the tension. Burning lavender incense or diffusing that same scent essential oil can also diffuse the tension too. Smile and smell. All better now.

AUGUST 25 ……… A magical Mars is trine a frisky flirtatious Neptune. Best date night of the whole month. Romance abounds and ardent amour abounds. Today’s insights on how to be the belle of tonight’s ball will be posted on the fb fan page – – HYPERLINK “http://www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst” http://www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst

AUGUST 29 ……… Sun harmoniously trines powerful Pluto. Mercury the Messenger sexing up Saturn too. Business talks and ideas will be super supported and go really, REALLY well! Colleagues, partners and collaborators all have your success in their sights and teamwork takes the cake! YUM. A delicious day for professionals. Now, if you want to make it a miraculous one then go ahead and hold the hem of your garment with your left hand and recite the following mantra 21 times. And then don’t say I never gave you anything because this secret Taoist mantra that promises to make your words incredibly influential and important among multitudes of men is worth it’s weight in gold. Ready to go all Midas are you? “NAMO BHAGAVATE USNISAYA DHARE DHARANTIYE SVAHA.” 21 times. Holding the hem of your garment with your left hand. Worth it’s weight.

AUGUST 31 ……… Second FULL MOON of the month also called a ‘Blue Moon’ or a ‘Wishing Moon’ as well. Speaking of Wishing Well, you might want to check out my brand new webinar of that same name. A cheat sheet for making wishes come true. Full of tips and techniques to make your dreams come true. Another way would be to wish on tonight’s magical moon. I wish I may, I wish I might, support the wish you wish tonight!

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