A Stage for Life

New staff writer author David Grzan discusses how life is very much like a stage play beginning at birth and ending with death. How is your stage play written?

In the words of William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances…” It is no small wonder that we are privileged to have the opportunity to appear “live” on the stage of life with our fellow actors, and perform our many parts before a candid audience that is everything else, save us.  Ask yourself if you are even aware of the audience; or who and/or what are its constituents; take for example the Universe itself, God for that matter, Nature if you will, your ancestors―no doubt, your progeny―of course, etc. and so on?  Perhaps you are too wrapped up in and absorbed by your own “part” to break-away for such abstract considerations.  Is it possible that you are consumed by a foul conceit, or distracted by an egoic aspiration, or preoccupied with a pervading melancholy?  Likewise you may find yourself at odds with your fellow actors; which can have the effect of filling your passions with envy, or corrupting your thoughts with malice; or infatuating your desire for an illicit-romance.  Nevertheless, in most cases you are invariably consigned to the inauspicious condition of remaining unaware that we players are acting in the vacuum of our particular circumstances, not cognizant that our very souls stand in stark relief to our corporality; making game for the audience.

The prevailing notion of understanding, as it were, is that your entrance upon the “stage” was marked by your birth and that your exit is a euphemism for your death.  If that is the case, then we are apt to ask ourselves, where was I before my entrance?  Where will I be following my exit?  In both cases you will be in attendance with the rest of the audience; unanimated yet in awe of the animated actors elected to the stage, irrespective of the parts to be played; because any part, however characterized, dramatized, or epitomized―is a gift.  A gift; albeit brief in time, but a glorious gift stamped on the memory of eternity, nonetheless.  Imagine having the opportunity to play before an adoring audience, as well as your fellow actors, which requires little more than a free imagination, because the play that you are starring in continues to unfold.

How well have you been playing your part, or has the part been playing you?  How shall the audience remember you when you leave the stage and return to the audience after the final curtain-close respecting your life?  Will you leave the stage rued with regrets and remorse, or be reviled for your rants and ridicules; or rather, retire to reminisce and rejoice?  Keep that precious thought in-mind, whether alone or when you are amongst your fellow actors; as in the case relating to your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, etc., with everything that ever was or is is watching in some way.  How will you conduct yourself as an actor, playing your sundry parts, in the drama called life?  We are all empowered to improvise our parts, as far as we may throw ourselves into our roles, or not; and in the storied production of our life, it is our craft that we aim to perfect, if we chose, but to what end―is it for material pursuits grafted together with a modicum of altruistic conduct for the sake of appearances?  You may also want to consider (just a suggestion) entertaining yourself to the prospect of becoming aware of your beingness, and everyone else’s for that matter, with an especial recognition of the privilege that is your gift, and how it may be employed for communal advancement.

Allow me to expound on this interplay between the audience and the actors within the context of “awareness” and “consciousness”.  Assume for example that the universe commenced with the proverbial “Big-Bang” some 13.7 billion years ago; and through the eons of evolutions relating to galactic systems and celestial configurations of immense and unfathomable proportions, has, during that time spread throughout the universe as we observe it today.  If you like, you can insinuate a God-principle, a spirituality, a natural innateness, a random-probability component, or whatever suits your fancy; however, one highly conspicuous phenomenon is clearly salient; namely, that we humans, as far as we can tell, are an elemental consequence or amalgamated recombination of star-dust.  In that rarefied condition we have been established, over time, as sentient, but more importantly as conscious beings that have the singular ability to question the universe, as exampled by the following questions.  What is the universe? Where did we come from and where are we going? What is the meaning of our existence; or moreover, the meaning of life itself?  Notwithstanding the myriad suppositions that argue for a prime-mover, which have been productive of both evolutionary theories and creation-mythologies, the inescapable truth is that the universe has come to question itself through us―its conscious medium.

We are nevertheless assemblages derived from generations of star-dust; and by our unique configuration, howsoever small in comparison we are to the vastness of the universe, we are in-fact part-and-parcel of the universe.  We are the awakened part of the universe that has developed the incomparable ability to consciously think about itself [universe] in rational, as well as in abstract, terms.  In other words the universe thinks about the universe, or said another way the universe thinks about itself by means of us, and has become increasingly more conscious by virtue of our salutatory manifestation.  Is our Promethean ability a consequence of an unconscious universe pursuing its manifest destiny of willfully raising itself from an unconscious state into a conscious state of existence?  And by this tell-tale advancement is our consciousness merely a by-product or surrogate for the universes’ own consciousness, or are we an extension of the universe that permits the universe to consciously think for itself?  Where do we choose to go from here?

The universe is possessed by conscious thought and is aware of its own existence, and we the players are the ambassadors of that universal consciousness; albeit inchoate for now, but ever-expanding throughout the space-scape of space-time.  With awareness comes the opportunity to bring about, on an accelerating trajectory, more and more of the unconscious parts of the universe into the dimension of consciousness in order that, by a conscious undertaking, the entire universe may one day become totally conscious.  In time, concomitant with our collective intervention, we can facilitate and accomplish universal consciousness, such that everything will be aware of everything else that ever was, or inasmuch that ever happened―is that when heaven becomes realized?  How special is that, and what a gift to behold; imagine for a moment that from an infinite collection of mass and energy contained in the universe (stars, planets, black holes, dark energy, etc.); we who are infinitesimally minute creatures, barely able to cast a shadow on reality, were however, in spite of ourselves, chosen as the vanguard of universal consciousness―an honor reserved to our title, human beings.  More to the point; we are the consciousness of the universe that is in the process of awakening to itself―we realize that we are aware that the universe is aware of itself, and by extension ourselves or visa versa―and as such, we are that part of the universe that is consciously aware of its awareness, the rest has yet to awaken.

Under that scenario, ask yourself if you dare to put aside your solipsistic predilections, or at least put the like into a more congenial perspective, respecting your troubling woebegone angst by taking solace in your gift.  What gift you say: the opportunity to act on the stage of life, and demonstrate, center-stage, the profundity of the revelation that the gift is you, having been endowed with the gift of life, and having been gifted with the capacity for conscious awareness; and that gift, you, overshadows all iterations of the material kind.  So when you enter upon the next scene of your life, how will you interact with your fellow actors, your fellow giftee’s?  One suggestion, tell the one you love that s/he is a living miracle that you profoundly appreciate; and how much you are aware of just how special s/he is―(but be careful of potential side-effects, there may be an elevation in the happiness quotient stemming from the consequence).

We actors are the living hope for every soul sequestered in the audience, past and future, and as much for ourselves; we, the players, if you will.  Regardless of the parts you play, the audience, in-tandem with the actors; shall, by the inevitability of conscious direction, steer our destiny by adhering to the script enciphered in the collective unconsciousness in order to transcend into one collective state of awareness.  This conscious quest for the pursuit of universal awareness will lead us to the promised land of paradise; viz.: heaven, where we will all be reunited with our loved ones, on one grand stage of harmonious happiness.  Enjoy performing―there a standing ovation in the offing for all of us!

“I know who I am and who I may be, if I choose.” Miguel de Cervantes, The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, Vol. 1.

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