Get your shuistrology on and whet your appetite for good fortune by reading this month’s report from Ellen Whitehurst. Blessings!


Your Stars:
What if I told you that was going to be one particular day this month that you could actually make a wish (on a planet, not a star!) and that the odds of this wish coming true is very, very, VERY high?  Because this month Aries, you really can create your own manifestations – so it will be critical for you to stay focused and keep your hopes, wishes and your dreams uppermost in mind and definitely in sight.  Believe in yourself during these amazing days too because if you do and then you simply let go and allow for the Universe to bring you the surprises and blessings you are hoping to embrace, well, some of them (at least) are slated to arrive via silver platter.  Now, if your Wish List includes more money then you should get ready because the energies of July are going to offer you opportunities to pull in some excess cash and coin in more fortuitous ways and you can really see both progress and profit on that financial front.  Problem is that you also have HUGE planetary influences putting the passion back into your partnerships and challenges are sure to arise were finding time to nurture and nourish them are concerned.  Plainly put, you really are jonesin’ for success but feel caught in a tug –o- war because it’s summer and you want to spend time with friends and loved ones.  What’s an Aries to do?  Oh, that’s right, that’s my job.  So, then, read on!


Your Stars:
This is going to be FUN and pleasurable month with Lady Luck blessing you on one particular day that just begs you to take a gamble – – because it will really REALLY pay off.  I guess it’s pretty lucky that you’re even reading this right now!  In fact ‘luck’ is a major and critical theme happening for you all throughout July as that same thing will seemingly be responsible for you making some major connections that could create even more major (and good!) karma for you in the foreseeable.  This is also a month where circumstances and situations will cause you to slow down and really think some things through as this exercise is patience and contemplation will serve you much better in both the short AND the long run than reacting from a place of overwhelm and drama.  Speaking of that last thing, there will also be a couple of days this month where you could find yourself caught in the middle of someone else’s power play and you may feel pushed and pulled to take sides.  DON’T!  Do you hear me?  Be like Switzerland and remain neutral and full of chocolate and/or cheese.  Or both.  But, whatever you do, let them resolve their issues without your involvement.  The only thing that you should pay attention pulling and pushing you this month is success.  Now, let’s take a look at when those favorable energies are going to start the tug ‘ o woo hoo!


Your Stars:
Okay, the first thing I want to share is that this sense of urgency you apparently have been feeling of late is an illusion and that you have WAAAY more time than you think….time to do anything you want.  But with both beautiful Venus and beneficial Jupiter sending time in your sign this month, whatever comes your way will be filled with fortune and loaded with luck.  Look, let’s face it, your thoughts are still swimming (apropos in July!) from all the possibilities and potentials that you’ve been entertaining for the past few months but there is no need to feel as if you are trapped in the same old/same old.  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  In fact, you are setting off on a new start so there’s really nothing old about the energies this month.  Just think of July this way – – this will be a month where you will be developing a powerful foundation and laying even more powerful groundwork for upcoming energies and events/  But with Mercury heading retrograde this month you might have to wait just a wee bit longer until taking next actionable steps.  Now, speaking of laying down – – forget the groundwork when Mars makes his way into your 5th House of True LOVE.  If you leave money out of the equation than this day could find you hotter than the fireworks that could also play a part in this pretty passionate day.  Want to know when to leave money off the table so you don’t get burned?  Because if you do, this same day could catapult your relationships into a far more fulfilling and fabulous place.  Forget the wearing white and/or feeling blue, this month gives you the energy and the opportunity to be flush with the feeling of being loved.  Like I said, if you want to know, read on.


Your Stars:
You will not only be celebrating the symbolic start to a brand new year this month Cancer but you will also be embracing all sorts of new beginnings where your ambitions and agendas for the next twelve months are concerned as well.  Energies are really packing up and moving on and you could follow suit.  Although a physical relocation before the end of 2012 is one possible option, you will need to put some additional fine-tuning of future plans in place until at least early August when you can then look to boldly go where no Cancer has gone before – – out of the house and into the big, wide world with purpose and potential!  You are a homebody Cancer, but, for the foreseeable the ‘body’ that you will want to make your home will be more the one you walk around inside of as opposed to the one with your furniture in it.  This month is about to allow you to activate previously untapped talents and abilities that will strongly encourage you to take some chances, gambles and risks with your professional life.  Your heart and your head however will have to be in the right place in order to take advantage of all the opportunity heading your way.  But this much I can say, there is one day in July where a BIG and blessed breakthrough will bring such excitement and such lovely (and surprising!) twists and turns on your personal and professional path, that you will soon see all the relationships and resources you need to make a dear and desired dream come true.  Yes, yes, there will be one specific and spectacular day in July when you will feel boundless enthusiasm, gratitude and grace.  Let’s take a look at which day you can expect all that creamy goodness and which ones will require an intentional attitude adjustment.  Get out the calendar and the red pen, here we go!


Your Stars:
Can you just taste the relaxation and contemplation that is coming your way this month Leo?  The flavor flav of July will bring you an inner clarity and a desire and/or need to really think about how happy you are right now and if you are living true to your heart and your soul.  Are you creatively fulfilled and satisfied with your life Leo? Because if the answer to any of that question is “um, kinda/sorta or even not really” then this month’s astro energies will allow you invaluable encouragement to rewrite the past so that you can enthusiastically step into a more fabulous future.  Yes, yes, this is a month that will literally throw opportunities at you to step under the spotlight and onto a bigger stage soon, but that mojo and momentum will only come after you have slowed the pace and taken a good hard listen to that still, small voice within that is yelling at you now to heed your heart’s advice.  Look, I know that you are feeling anxiously ambitious but you have to go with this month’s flow and understand that it’s not always all about getting ahead.  Sometimes it’s time to stop and smell the roses.  That’s July.  People throwing them at you will happen on one special and spectacular day end month when the world is your oyster and pearls of wisdom, happiness and prosperity pepper your personal and your professional pathway.  Before the bling though is the blessing of getting clear on what you want to do with all this potential and possibility.  You have until that one single success-full day to start to figure it all out.  Want to know when all the world becomes YOUR stage?  Read on.


Your Stars:
Well, there’s some mighty big news coming for you this month Virgo because you’ve had one whopper of a planet sitting in your sign for an extended visit – but that energy that’s been encouraging you to examine yourself a bit more closely than is sometimes comfortable is this month packing up and moving on!  This shift will allow you to stop waiting to exhale and just blow a big breath out!  And know this, as you’re breathing out, you’ll be inhaling a big bunch of blessings back in.  And some of those blessings might come with some benjamins attached too!  That’s right, I said, it – -mo money, mo money, mooooooooooo money!  Yes, July brings an abundance of energies associated with independence but the freedom you feel now will be financial Virgo.  Now, that doesn’t mean that this whole month will surround you with copious cash and coin because there is some stress related to your bottom line as well.  It just means that your bottom line will have some fantastic highs and some sobering lows before eventually evening out so that you can embrace and enjoy some economic stability.  You’ll need to play your cards close to your vest early on though as it might not always be easy to maintain privacy when a certain someone wants to parade your secrets for everyone to hear.  Better that you start sharing your truth rather than barter with this big mouth.  That said, this is also a month that brings a clearer picture to a whole host of relationships including the one you have with Chatty Cathy so let’s take a look at when you should hold ‘em, when you should fold ‘em and when you’ll walk away with all the winnings!


Your Stars:
What a month (!!!!) you have in store in July Libra!  There is not only a ton of pleasant planetary prognostications indicating something akin to a new rebirth happening for you but these energies also promise to promote a sense or feeling of more security, more confidence, more charisma and, well, maybe even a whole new you by the time August rolls around!  In fact, there is so much happening during some critical days in the middle of the month that embracing an enthusiastic/optimistic and explosive fresh burst of energy towards life will be just the beginning.  While the end (of the month) will offer and allow a tremendous breakthrough.  Let’s just put it this way – – you are going to experience an incredibly beneficial planetary transit early this month that aims to give you all the incentive and initiative you need to accomplish and achieve whatever you focus and center your thoughts on. And then mid-July answers questions about your career while the end showers you with opportunities to embrace the freedom from a certain unpleasant situation that encourages you to find YOUR path with YOUR purpose regardless a relationship that’s been holding you back.  So, then, when can you expect to blast into the future and when will you have to revisit concerning conditions associated with a stressful relationship of the past?  Read on!


Your Stars:
They say that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” and, well, if that’s so Scorpio, get ready to go to summer school because this month has much to teach you – – no matter how much you might think you already know!  Especially if what you think you already know has to do with more love, more money or even the fulfillment of hopes, wishes and/or dreams!  Let’s face it, we can all learn a little more about ALL of those things at any given time right?  But, believe me when I tell you this, the learned look at your life that you’re about to be invited to take in July is sure to reward you with high marks AND invaluable insights and information as well as the occasional stroke of genius (especially where relationships are concerned!)  And, then, there is that one single day that earns an easy ‘A!’  This day will enable and offer you opportunities, potential and possibilities for a better career as well as an increase in motivation and money.  I bet that you are simply amazed at this turn of good fortune and luck.  And, now, I’ll bet you’ll be expectant and ready for it too.  Want to know when to be both of those things?  Read on.


Your Stars:
Money matters take up quite a bit of your focus for much of this month Sag, especially at the tippy top and, then again, at the tail end too.  These energies are part of a longer-term cycle that is trying to get you to loosen your grip on and/or asking you to stop trying to control every situation associated with or accorded to your bottom line.  You’re now being  taught a lesson about trust.  Although you might feel a bit powerless in the early going, if you just hang on and TRUST that an abundant Universe (and these monthly astro energies too!) will provide, then you will come out a winner by the time July ends.  In fact, some sort of largesse that you’ve been waiting to receive will finally find its way to you.  But first you have to commit to and also allow for personal progress to continue to shift without you stifling and strangling it out of fear of the unknown.  So, then, the biggest message of the month is that if you simply surrender and let the Universe do it’s job then you WILL cash in down the line.  Well, I shouldn’t say that that is the biggest message this month since there’s A LOT of relationship review going on in July too.  In fact, relationships could be subject to delays or less than idea situations until one crazy day when all of sudden plans shift and your relationship priorities do too.  Want to know when you can expect a possible power struggle over money and when that special and aforementioned day will you that fulfillment and satisfaction are on the way?  Read on.


Your Stars:
Reinvention is a given this month Capricorn as you are standing at the precipice of new beginnings and fresh starts – especially where a current partnership or alliance is concerned.  It’s time to break free from the past, and, really, what month than July to declare your own independence?  You have spent so much time and invested so much energy in creating stronger more durable relationship foundations of late that it will be entirely beneficial for you to finally allow the ones that don’t serve you anymore to move on so that you can do the exact same.  And move on you will.  In a host of different areas not the least of which will be your sizzling career.  That’s right – summer won’t be the only thing that’s hot in July Capricorn as it appears as if your professional path is going to be heading in a new and satisfying / sensational direction too.  Listen to your inner GPS and leave it to the Universe to take you on a journey that will end with you finding more purpose-driven and fulfilling work!  Deja reinvention all over again!  So Cap,  relationships in general will move more towards your liking this month (as opposed to you constantly keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself and, well, just sucking it up!)  Superb planetary transits during the first two weeks as well as your charismatic and diplomatic assertiveness will earn you respect and rewards that you weren’t even expecting.  And, then, the bottom half of the month gets truly and wonderfully exciting!  And a lot less exhausting than what you’ve been experiencing in the recent past.  Okay, okay, so is there one particular day when you become the Super Hero you’ve always somehow known that you are – – deep down inside?  Well, no, not exactly – – there are actually TWO.  Two full days of energies that will manifest like magic IF you know exactly what you want.  Do you want to know exactly when?  Read on!


Your Stars:
What an exciting month for you Aquarius!  Ideas and people and even ambitions from the past find renewed interest and take on a revised life of their own.  This is a month when the Universe issues you an invitation to first develop and then put some of your most brilliant ideas and inspirations in front of a BIG power playuh!  Or even a couple of them!  The caveat to some of these tremendously hope-full and exuberant energies could be you though Aquarius – – your doubts, your own insecurities or even, gulp, your own predilection towards self-sabotage.  DO NOT cave Aquarius!  This is such a special time for you that I can’t even begin to say.  Stiffen your resolve, overcome your rivals and go out and WOW them!!!  Overcome your inhibitions and scaredy cat fears because this is going to be a time when something so HUGELY significant shapes up – – around all sorts of partnerships – both personal AND professional – that it will change the trajectory of your entire life.  Oh, and did I say that July is going to hold an awakening for you too?  Pursue your dreams but be aware that some of your higher ideals will be put and pit against some of your highest dreams and goals.  Self-undoing and personal limitations simply ARE NOT ALLOWED during these days when you will have a super hero ability to take your personal weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  Look Aquarius, I can’t say it enough, this July can offer you more than the zeitgeist of independence.  THIS July can offer you a rebirth.  Labor pains and all.  Someone is about to connect you with a HUGE opportunity if you work for it and earn it as well.  And, lest you think I forgot about your burgeoning and birthing love life, well, I didn’t.  In fact, romance is here, in a BIG BIG BIG way.  But, luckily, it won’t distract you from the bigger fish that you have to fry.  Chum the waiting waters this month Aquarius because there is someone ready to bite – – hook, line and sinker.  Resurrect some old and brilliant ideas, repurpose and repackage them and present them in entirely new and entertaining ways and then watch as authentic responses and rewards color your whole world.  Your mantra this month?  I AM UNLIMITED.  Because Aquarius, you are.  But there will be one day when you will be more unlimited than any other.  Want to know when?  Read on.


Your Stars:
Good (and even maybe great!) career, home and financially related energies (and progress) all swirl and circle around what are arguably the more critical energies affecting you this July Pisces.  You see, you are now being allowed and invited to engage in opportunities and chances to finally heal something so deep and bring peace to a personal place so wounded – – something that has been festering for such a good, long while – – that once healed will allow you a more hope-full, a more play-full and even a much more serene future.  Show commitment and be disciplined at taking time to uncover and face these fears so you can find personal freedom and independence from this persistent if ever unconscious pain.  And, well, whenever we talk about healing at the heart level you can be sure that relationships will be under a severe spotlight as well.  And that means that you might have to make some decisions where a particular or certain someone is concerned.  You might even have to go face to face with someone who is restricting your basic freedoms in order for you to end this association and, then, end this month feeling more secure and more comfortable in your skin AND in your environment too.  That’s the challenging news.  The great news is that by the tail end of the month you will meet one day when your ability to think outside the box will bring you great results and even greater rewards – – financially especially!  Of course order, rigor, vigor and, again, discipline, will all play a real role in attracting your fortune and luck on this day – – so, then, embracing all of those characteristics and qualities will arm you with unshakable confidence and a newfound sense of self as well.  Look, even if complex and complicated issues overshadow the more warm and fuzzy ones, there will be more money coming in July as well as bigger, better romance and, best of all, an opening of your own heart so you can love you more too.  Although you shouldn’t address any of these agendas with reckless abandon you can be sure that addressing and assessing them at all will lead to greater opportunities and expectations in the immediate.  Now, back to that one day that brings the balm and is da bomb.  Want to know when and what to expect?  Read on.

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