Get your power on and enjoy the power boost during July’s empowering days.  According to shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst, this month is full of possibilities. Read this report to get the scoop on what days to watch for and make it happen!

“Are we there yet?”  Yeah, yeah, that’s what a lot of us hear during hot and sizzling summer months.  But, if we applied that inquiry to the energies associated with this volatile and transitory month, the answer would be an unequivocal “NO.”  Nope kiddos, not quite there yet.  But we have tons of opportunities to get closer to wherever ‘there’ is during a month filled with rare opportunities to push past obstacles and challenges that keep us staying stuck right where we are.  Or, worse, wherever we’ve been staying stuck for a long, long, lonnnnnnng ass time.  See, this is the month that offers every available option to change ingrained and unproductive patterns – – first in yourself – – and, then, in relationships all around.  No doom.  No gloom.  Just choices.  C’mon now, be honest, aren’t you ready for your apathy to end?  Yeah, me too.  And aren’t you ready for authentic solidarity to start?  Yeah, me too.  Dig deep.  There’s a NEW WORLD ORDER emerging and it starts with rearranging the Universe living inside you.  Communications.  Relationships.  Reviews of both.  July.  Explosions are a given.  But so is independence.  Find freedom from EVERYTHING HOLDING YOU BACK and release your fear and frustration with and of the future.  New influences are about to come into play.  But first and apropos for this month, embrace revolutionary thinking and then just freakin’ change.    If you do then the next time anyone asks you – – “are we there yet” – you can fully and confidently – – and TRUTHFULLY answer – – “ALMOST.”  Yep, yep, ALMOST there.   You can bank on it.

Now, speaking of banks – – um, uh, um.  The last ten days of June set up the topsy-turvy wild ride that will now become the norm in global economics and the markets of every country, including the good ole US of A.  Scary spice.  Although the spice trade might be the currency of the future.  All that said, this can also be a time of innovative solutions to staying stuck in past patterns that are no longer productive or even working – – sound familiar?  See above.  Debt continues to explode out of control and someday, somehow, someone will need to admit that it’s the gold standard or bust.  Stay long gold.  Track silver and steer completely clear of the DOW – – at least until October.  If you steer clear then no one will ask you if “we’re there yet” or not.  They’ll just be glad to be on the road and moving forward.  Because staying stuck in economic agendas is NOT an option anymore.  You’ll see.  Wear shades.

JULY 3   ………   An emotionally charged Full Moon in adventure loving Capricorn while aggressive Mars makes his way into balanced Libra.  Now, even though emotions COULD run high and conflicts COULD arise neither one of those things has to happen – – especially if you taste the rainbow.  No, I’m not talking Skittles, but, rather, doing a little rainbow meditation that works wonders.  Visualize a rainbow circling around each chakra, starting at the crown and working its way down the front of your body.  End with it pouring into a pot ‘o gold that you just happen to be standing on.  OR you could hang a clear quartz crystal in any window that gets sunlight and stand in the prism of color it creates to absorb that rainbow of light.  Because, well, somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly.  But the ones associated with happiness will now be winging their way to you if you choose either or both of these empowering exercises.

JULY 4   ………   Mercury the Messenger evens out the previously tense times by aspecting Uranus while Venus is hooking up with that same electric planet.  LUCKY Uranus!  Lucky for the rest of us as well, especially if we take advantage and say what we mean/mean what we say.  Whether that’s in a text, tweet or good old-fashioned email, TODAY is the day for some meaningful written or spoken communications!  Surround what you say or write with pink light that comes directly from your heart so everyone will LOVE your message.  And, lest I forget, because it IS Uranus – – if the opportunity for a quick trip comes up — take it.  You’ll be glad that you did!

JULY 13   ……….   Uranus, the planet that governs all things unexpected and surprising is going retrograde until December 13.  I’m so confused…does that mean I shouldn’t expect the unexpected or should just be really surprised when it happens?  Either way, let’s cover all the bases by taking a page from Flo Shinn’s excellent affirmations and say:  “I expect the unexpected, my glorious good now comes to pass.”  Simply, well, glorious.  And waaaay good too!

JULY 14   ……….   Uh oh.  Sun squaring off against Saturn and the heat’s on.  Literally.  In relationships.  And, well, with Mercury the Messenger going retrograde today too it might be time for some relationship reviews.  Who stays and who goes?  OR what can you do to overcome obstacles to peace and love?  Change your sheets.  Yes, you heard right.  Change your sheets and change your life.  Or at least change the sheets and change the relationship shit.  Try to get some new pink sheets because they carry the fire-red ones and also infuse you with a lovely and loving vibe.  Oh, just do it.  Especially if you’re having difficulties with significant others.  Sleep in heavenly – – pink.  Sweet dreams.

JULY 17   ………   Mars, in a good mood, is trine expansive, generous Jupiter today making this a clear-cut runner-up for Super Stellar Day of July!  Even with Mercury sitting in stuck for a few weeks.  Mercury’s retro won’t stop you from taking up with a top hat, rabbit and wand today because communications magic is in the house!  Once again, speak from the heart but do be sure to make it awash in golden light before you Say Anything.  Now, the only reason today is not the SS day is that Mars is squaring off against Pluto and putting emphasis on following all the rules and regs.  And you know how I LOVE to break the rules right?  But, for today, follow them to the T.  Speaking of tea, a cup of chamomile might make the day easier and breezier but a cup or two of tulsi will make it a WHOLE lot luckier!

JULY 18   ………   Mars opposing Uranus.  YIKES.  Cool.  Calm.  Don’t give a shit about the collectors.  Breathe.  YIKES.  All day long, whenever you take in a conscious breath, think PEACE.  Eat and swallow PEACE.  Drink down PEACE.  Think PEACE all the day long.  PEACE within, peace without.  Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with ALL of us.  PEACE.  Get the message?

JULY 21   ……….   Ahhhhhh, that’s better.  Jubilant and joyful Jupiter sextiles electric Uranus.  Abundance and adventure vie for your attention and your spirit soars!  Makes this the perfect day to Go Green!  Having healthy live and green plants around the house, especially planted in the center of one, will increase oxygen levels and bring a big boost to your mood.  You know what does the same thing?  Hanging photos, pictures and paintings a bit higher than eye level.  Brings your energy up and that’s immediately where your spirits will head as well.  PERFECT day for that activity.  Now, go engage in an adventure!

JULY 24   ………   Yet ANOTHER close runnerup to Super Stellar Day!  Clearly I had some hard choices to make this month, but, this one’s a dilly too.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter which means that the planet of communications is hooking up with the one that offers Christmas every day.  Teach.  Preach.  Speak.  Or write.  Everyone will hang on every word like ornaments on the tree.  Use it.  Or lose it.  But don’t say I didn’t TELL you.  Oh, and, do be sure to wear a blend of cornstarch, powdered sugar and basil essential oil, or, what’s more commonly called CROWN OF SUCCESS powder.  It guarantees, well, you know.

JULY 25   ……….   Mercury trine Uranus but Mercury’s retrograde so it’s not as propitious as you might think.  Just spend time reviewing new solutions to some old sticky situations.  Really.  Take time to take a look at some relationship riddles and how you might be able to solve them.  One way is to play soothing classical music around your space.  OR play any music that you LOVE.  Oh, and speaking of love, put a pair of pink candles in the ‘RELATIONSHIP / ROMANCE’ area and light them today.  Let them get all hot and bothered while you stay cool and figure out a more marvelous way to bring caring back to the conundrums.

JULY 30   ………   SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Venus trine Saturn.  Love.  Is.  In.  The.  Air.  And if you want it to bathe you in beautiful vibes than just follow the Super Stellar advice.  Now, c’mon, you know you can only get that if you are a subscriber to the free monthly newsletter.  Quick, get over to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up.  Oh, did I say it’s free?  But the advice is invaluable!  Go.  Move.  Get!

JULY 31   ………   The vibe starts to shift and enthusiasm, optimism and HOPE FLOATS!  Doodle a green star all the day long.  An ancient symbol for hope that literally brings it to you OR you can meditate on an image of one too.  Either way, here’s HOPING you take advantage.  August is going to get the (pool) party started, but, for today, and like I said, HOPE FLOATS!

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