You Love Her, She Loves You…Or Does She?

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat makes you think more about the “he/she loves me, loves me not”. What’s love to you and does it complement what love is to who you want to be with? 

Can you see her love for you in her eyes? Can you feel her love for you on her lips?
Can you sense her love for you with her touch? Do you experience her love for you
through her orgasms?

If you answered “no, no, no, and no,” chances are, she loves chocolate, shopping, reality
TV, and that 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring you just bought her more than she loves you.

What the hell is love, anyway? To some, it’s a deep affection for someone. To others,
love goes way beyond intense like. To my friend Charles, love is: “Never being repelled
by my sweetheart’s farts and morning breath.” To my friend Benna, love is: “Being as
one every time we make love.” To my friend Eric, love is: “A state of mind I put myself
in every day to remind myself that Tim is precious and important to me; no matter what.”

If you don’t have your own personal definition of love, perhaps you should. Then, the
next time you enter into a relationship, there won’t be one who always kisses and one
who offers the cheek.

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