4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Honor, dignity and character. Solid relationships are not based on giving 50/50; rather, one must proceed under the premise of giving 100%. If you hold back even just 10%; your partner will inevitably hold back as much or more; and from there the spiral to 50/50 is assured, which brings the end of the relationship in sight. Be bold, be courageous and give 100% without any presumption of reciprocation: let it be altruistic or let it be nothing at all. And if the relationship fails, it was never meant to be; but how great would it be if each contributed 100/100, all of the time.

      • I really like that quote, because I believe we should give love to all we have, but not all of our love to everything or any one. Because then you give away your own personal power. But that’s not to say to do things without love and not to hold onto your love without giving, just share I guess is the best way to put it. I learned once never to give away all of your love.

        Found you on my 20sb thread ! 🙂 Nice blog.

      • I appreciate your response, it is very thought provoking. With respect to the subject of empowerment: imagine for a moment the empowerment that comes with choosing to give all of your love, and from that choosing, or giving, comes unimaginable fulfillment; yes, it is risky, but if it succeeds your empowerment becomes exponential. And I agree with your sentiments with respect to being selective, because we cannot be foolhardy or desperate, because that precludes empowerment. Love; as with anything else, must be prudently administrated, and that takes care, wisdom and experience; and often-times guidance with the help of true friends.

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