Gotta Hit The Spot

Good sex is about 80% physical and 20% visual; GREAT sex is about 45% physical, 35% vocal, and 20% emotional. If you want to get your partner to Cloud 9, you’ve got to communicate, you’ve got pay attention, and then you gotta hit the spot the makes your partner’s body sing. With men, we’re led to believe it’s all about the penis but why haven’t we really considered a man’s g-spot. This under-utilized area is every bit as much of a pleasure nirvana as a woman’s g-spot and can get you some serious “I’m crazy about you” points if you can learn how to activate it.

Tomorrow, I’m attending the Pleasure Chest Chicago workshop: “The Male Prostate and Male Pleasure” taught by sex specialist Sarah Sloane. I’ll report what juicy tidbits I learned by end of week so stay tuned!

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