Did You Marry Him For Love?

Ideally, you would want to marry for love AND security, but that isn’t always the case with marriages. This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat makes a good point in this article about why marriage shouldn’t be a way to fix your life but a way to enhance it. Married couples, did you marry for love?

Probably not.

Susan married because she was rejected by her first love, Julie married to get away from her parents, and Tamara married because he had money.  It took years, but eventually all three hapless hubbies realized something was missing in their marriages.
Could it have been love?

To fill his void, one husband took a mistress, one became a strip-joint junkie, and one filed for divorce – pissing the children off.  What kid wants to be treated like livestock – uprooted from his/her safe haven and shuffled back and forth every other weekend from Mom’s “house” to Dad’s “house”?  I dare you to name one.

When you enter into a relationship with problems (baggage), chances are
your guy will come to resent your disaffection and your issues.  He’ll be thinking,   “Why is she making her past problems my problems?”   Why indeed?

Always remember, your guy is not a shrink, not a white knight, not a band-aid.  He is the object of your affection, desire, respect, and love.  And, if he isn’t?  Then you married him for the wrong reason.

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