Should I Hook Up With Her?

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat is the complement piece to “Should I Hook Up With Him”. It raises the question: “When will we realize that sex always changes things in some form or fashion?” My advice is to be absolutely sure about what you’re getting into and be sure both of you are on the same page.

I said it before – when I wrote SHOULD I HOOK UP WITH HIM? (May 9, 2012) – and I will say it again, I cringe when I hear the term “hook up”.

Last weekend, while taking a stroll through Central Park, I listened to a guy-friend –
I’ll call him Einstein – whine about how his girlfriend – I’ll call her Spitting Ice Cubes –
isn’t behaving like a girlfriend: she communicates with previous “hook ups”, frequently
cancels plans, and makes excuses when he wants sex.

Einstein’s tale of woe did not surprise me after he told me that he had “hooked up” with
her BEFORE they became a couple.

Where did Einstein go wrong? When he thought a “hook up” was going to turn into a
meaningful relationship.

Women who “hook up” are frequently looked upon as troubled, needy whores who
work for free. Do you really think a needy whore is going to settle into a cozy, loving
relationship with you? Not even your penthouse apartment and Ferrari Enzo will keep
her home-bound. Needy dames require emotional support. For what, who the hell
knows. Most of them don’t even know themselves.

So, Einsteins, for your own sanity, reject any and all “hook ups”. Instead, go find
yourself a one-night stand…if they even exist any more.

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