Til Death Do Us Part

Here’s the latest post from staff writer Stephanie Becerra. Should marriages always follow the vow “til death do us part”? What are your thoughts about marriage and divorce?

As liberal as I am when it comes to numerous things, my views on marriage are pretty traditional. Not as in, “only man and woman can wed”, but more, “til death do us part”. I believe when a person enters into a marriage they are entering into a sacred thing that will not and should not be broken. I understand that people change, circumstances change, etc but a marriage is supposed to be unbreakable. It’s supposed to be two people fighting through the trenches and blasting away anything that comes their way. Marriage is teamwork. If your teammate is down and no longer in the game, you talk to them, figure out the problem, and damn it, work it out. That’s the problem with society nowadays. Divorce is so readily accepted that couples don’t really have to work out their differences if they don’t want to. I know people who are planning on 3 or 4 divorces, along with elaborate divorce parties to go with it. Nobody wants to work for anything anymore, including love.


This is a picture I’ve seen floating around on many a tumblr and Facebook wall. It pretty much sums up my stance on marriage. Also, go Obama.

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