The Thin Line Between Sacrifice and Compromise

The line between sacrifice and compromise has become so skewed over time that it seems virtually invisible. When it comes to love, it’s very easy to, mistake sacrifice for compromise when your thoughts are towards making or keeping your significant other happy and keep the peace. But a happy and healthy relationship must have happiness and contentment on both sides. When it feels as if you need to walk on eggshells to keep the relationship going, it’s inevitable that the relationship will fail. When there’s give and take on both sides, you know that there’s a good chance that you can find a happy medium to suit both sides. You have to remember that while you want to make sure your significant other happy, you also need to be happy yourself. At all times you should remember these things:

1) You matter.
2) Happiness is about being at peace.
3) Compromise takes practice.
4) Sacrifice is about the unselfish desire of one in hopes of doing the right thing.
5) Relationships won’t always be smooth sailing but true love is worth the lessons learned on the bumps in the road.


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