Paper Bag Syndrome. Does Your Guy Suffer From It?

Guys, do you pay attention to who your girlfriend really is or is it a case of one size fits all? This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat makes a good point about the very common occurrence in relationships in which the new mate is treated like the ex merely   because if the ex liked it, then the new girl will like it too. Humans are not one size fits all; stop being lazy and start paying attention!

You wear funky jewelry: beaded necklaces, silver bangles, large hoop earrings.  He buys you a thin gold necklace with a tiny garnet stone and matching posts.    You wear patchouli oil.  He buys you Chanel.  You’re a sexually functioning female who enjoys different positions.  He’s a missionary man.  What’s going on, you ask?  It could be he has what I call PBS (paper bag syndrome).

Paper bag syndrome is when a guy puts a paper bag over a woman’s head.  Then he treats her the same exact way he treated his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.  In essence, he doesn’t see you for who you are.

He bought gold jewelry for her; he thinks you want gold jewelry. She wore Chanel; he thinks you want Chanel.  She spread her legs only because it was her wifely duty; he thinks you want to lie there like a corpse during sex.

Guys, your new love is not your ex.  She is new.  And different.  Take the time to observe and learn what this sexy, exciting woman is about and treat her accordingly.  Some things will be obvious, like the jewelry she wears.  Other things – like what she prefers in bed – not so.  What’s a guy to do?  Simple.  Ask questions.  Remember, communication is the most important form of intimacy a man and a woman can share.  Confabbing brings you closer as a couple.  The closer you are, the more successful your relationship will be…and last.

So, remember, guys, a paper bag has many uses.  However, over the beautiful face of the new love in your life is not one of them.

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