No Catcalls Please

This week’s post by staff writer, Stephanie Becerra, brings up good point about the power of a good or bad compliment. Sometimes, it’s nice to have someone who will make a real effort to get an introduction. What do you think?

As a woman, regardless of our looks, we have all come to expect to be “hollered at” at some point in our daily lives. It is a sad fact that women have to constantly endure unwanted attention in the form of lewd comments and wolf whistles. Some women may be into that. If you are kudos to you. If you are like most of the women I know and do not enjoy being leered at on the train on your way to work or told that you have a “fine ass”, then you understand the predicament of women today. It’s as if normal conversation is dead and there are only pick up lines. Well I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Some men still put an effort into getting to know a woman and taking her out and eventually, after an established relationship has been set and boundaries have been outlined, will then make the “fine ass” comment.

Guys, if you want to get a girl’s attention or strike up a conversation, do not open with something about her appearance. It’s superficial and does not work most of the time. You’ll just be one of the numerous guys who have used the same line before and been rejected. What women want, or more importantly what I want and am now referring to all women when I speak for myself, is someone who will take a genuine interest in her. Someone who will talk to her and not immediately be thinking of jumping into bed. Interests and relationships take time and cannot be established with a leering at the Red Line or a lewd comment yelled from across the street.

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