For those of you who swear by your makeup bag and won’t be seen without mascara and lipstick, this article by staff writer Rigby Rat is for you!  

While having dinner in a quiet NYC restaurant recently, my friend and I couldn’t help but overhear a young shrew rant about her guy’s facial stubble, unkempt head of hair, and hideous chest tattoos. What set her off?  He stated that he preferred her without makeup – that he liked the natural look.

Some women hide their flaws with makeup, while others may insist makeup enhances their beauty.  Whatever your reason for applying war paint,  know this – some guys just don’t like the artificial look.

So, what exactly did this guy mean when he said he preferred her without makeup?  Unfortunately, he didn’t say, but I’ll take a stab at it:  “Your black eyeliner is a wee bit too Elvira, and your lips – they look like you’ve been sucking a can of spar varnish for the past week.”

Face it ladies, some of you just don’t know how to apply makeup.  So, when your guy tells you he prefers the natural look, instead of becoming defensive, wonder why your gal friends don’t have your back.


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