Jealousy in Moderation

Can jealousy be a good thing? Staff writer, Stephanie Becerra, covers this subject in her article for this week. Do you agree, disagree? Tell us your thoughts!

Jealousy. It can be the demise of a relationship or actually the fuel that keeps the relationship chug-chug-chugging along. Either way, jealousy almost always spells trouble. As with all thing in life however, jealousy can be ok – in moderation. If you’re jealous that your partner has been spending a little more time doing things they enjoy with a friend or coworker, it’s ok to voice this and say that you’d like to take more part in the hobbies/activities they’re interested in. If you’re in a happy relationship and are insecure because someone else is interested in your significant other, do not flip out and accuse your partner of being interested in someone else if this person is checking them out and they just happened to look back for a split second. This is called overreacting. You will know the difference between someone who will take part in shady behavior like that and someone who truly cares for you and has given you no actual reason to be jealous.

That being said. Looking is normal. If you’re in a relationship, it’s unrealistic to tell each other that you never check anyone else out, ever. Just because you are now “one” with your partner does not mean that you are not going to notice if an attractive person walks by. This does not mean that you want to bed this person, it just means that you noticed someone is attractive and happened to glance. I can understand the jealousy someone would feel seeing their partner do this. So I advise you this. If you’re going to be a perv for a second and you’re with your partner, do it discreetly. And don’t do it often. Because even though it is normal to still find other people physically attractive, it does become disrespectful at some point if you’re doing this in front of your partner on a constant basis. Nor is it too good for the person you’re undressing with your eyes.


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One thought on “Jealousy in Moderation

  1. Jealousy is built in. There is no ducking it. It’s how our genes assure that we work for exclusively their continued expression.

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