Are You Dating A Stripper? Want To?

Here’s the latest post by staff writer, Rigby Rat. Men may jokingly say they want to date a stripper; but if given the chance, how many would actually do it and if they did it, how many would still be happy about their girlfriend being a stripper? For those of you who have thought about it, this one’s for you.

If you’re a guy thinking about dating a stripper, I hope you’re emotionally secure.  By that I mean you’d better be able to cope with what a stripper does for a living: strip.  In addition, part of her job description is to talk to other men, have a drink with other men, and – sometimes – give the paying customer a private dance.  That’s what she was hired to do.  If you can’t cope with that reality, move on.

What happens when you don’t move on?  You’ll fall in love with her.  Thereafter, you’ll become suspicious.  Then jealous.  And, finally, abusive.  One night, when your imagination is working overtime, you might get into such a fit of jealously that you’ll grab your unlicensed .25-caliber Berretta, jump into your BMW, drive to the strip joint, find the owner (because you think Bambi is banging the boss) and press the barrel to his head.  Rico the bouncer will suddenly appear, put you in a headlock, and keep you company until the police arrive.

It’s human nature to want happiness.  However, what on God’s green earth makes you think you’re going to find bliss with a stripper if you can’t accept what she does for a living?  It takes an atypical man to love and share his stripper wife or girlfriend with other men.  If sharing is not in your nature, then go find yourself a woman – a school teacher, a secretary, a homemaker – whose job isn’t going to make you fearful of being replaced by a rival.


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