Empowering Days of April 2012

Here’s another great report from shiustrologist Ellen Whitehurst giving us days to expect an extra power boost in April! Got to love the days when you’ve got more back-up to get the things you want. Enjoy!

The wait is almost over.  Now if you don’t know what ‘wait’ I’m talking about then you haven’t been living la vida loco! Because with both Mars and Mercury retrogrades causing postponements and delays all over the place of late, these energies have been making us crazy!  But bra forget the brotox because that brow is about to unfurl!  That’s right – April’s come to save the day and not a minute too soon if you ask me.  Or anyone.  Mars, the planet that pushes plans forward has been stuck in stall and seemingly moving backward since January 23.  Not to be outdone, Mercury the Messenger, the planet that governs all things communications went into ‘I snooze and you lose’ mode a few short weeks ago.  But Mercury makes a move forward early in April and Mars makes it out of our way as soon as we hit the middle of the month.  Once both these planets are heading direct again, well, then, so will all of our plans and projects be too.  April is another word for OPTIONS!  All over the April place. What were once challenges now become incredible opportunities and what were oh so recently obstacles now become almost endless, what else, options.  The only one you won’t have is remaining put or staying in place.  That includes staying inside that comfort zone you’ve been traveling in too.  Nope.  April is also another word for adventure as well.  Take risks.  Get rewards.  Get all up close and personal with anything and everything unfamiliar and new.  Until they are old hat.  Heads up, the one surefire way to health, happiness and prosperity in April is by embracing something foreign.  But leave Marcel and Mikeal alone.  This is not a lovey-dovey month, it’s a git ‘er done one.  Unless those fabulous foreign males are going to help your aspiration and ambitions, leave them be.  April is about crafting and creating your future.  Weddings are made for June.  April is about marrying your intentions with a perfect plan to allow them to unfold.  Use these energies accordingly, they don’t come along all that often. Bottom line: be of service and favor relationships with new people with unfamiliar ideas.  They WILL solve your familiar and pressing problems.  Promise.  I DO!
April will be showering something else all over you too!  Not the showers that bring May flowers either.  But the kind that bring fortune and luck.  Yup!  FINALLY!  My latest and greatest report will be released on April 21!  CHANGE YOUR LUCK, CHANGE YOUR LIFE is a compendium of every secret, effective but also incredibly easy ways to enhance, increase or even improve your luck with fabulous fortunes to follow.  Look for this new endeavor coming to an eblast near you!  Change you luck baby.  Change your life.  It really IS that simple!

Unlike trading the precious metals OR the stock market these days.  You’ll be really lucky to catch ANY trend in either one.  Short-term geocosmics show that we are just now coming off of a Uranus – Pluto square that could also offer a preview to what to expect in the longer term – specifically from end of June this year all the way to March of 2015.  Uranus and Pluto playing for keeps can also underscore a need for collective self-control as well as the absolute urgency for us all to act with compassion whenever possibly or risk adding energies to escalating tensions that can then cause collective outrage (Trayvon, French serial shooter, murder in Afghanistan…..)  ALL that said, I still think gold heads higher and the stock market will too.  But with NONE of the European or even Asian markets confirming the trend reversal we’ve seen happening here, I’m keeping my friends close and my stops even closer.  When April allows all the rest of our energies to start moving forward, it will also open up a clearer understanding of where these markets are headed as well.  Ah April, where ya been hiding?  We’re glad you’re here now!  Welcome, welcome April!

April 4   ………   Mercury the Messenger gets out of his own way, and ours too, by moving forward and going direct today.  We’re still not out of the proverbial woods yet since Mars is still stuck in stall, but this is certainly a good start.  And, well, even though you can’t always get what you want, today, you just might find that you get what you need.  Especially if what you need (or want) is approval from that special someone(s).  You can hurry that huzzah along if you ring a metal bell or hang a metal wind chime in your ‘HELPFUL PEOPLE’ area.  You can find directions to all suggested locations on my website at www.ellenwhitehurst.com.  Activate this area and your approval rating will skyrocket!

April 5   ………   Venus, the planet that plays hard in the areas of money and love (and profoundly influences all same) is squaring off against fantasy-fueled and nebulous Neptune today.  It is seems to good to be true, it probably is.  That’s if ‘it’ is even real???  Ask yourself this question on this day:  “Is it fake or is it real?”  If it’s fake, cut it loose and, then, shake loose.  Literally.  Lie down on your bag and raise your arms and legs up.  Now, like a dog that is shaking water from its coat, shake your arms and your legs and count to ten.  Shake off all the phony baloney and negativity.  Do this four times in succession and then burn some incense where all that shakin’ was goin’ on.  Whole lotta shakin’ will bring you equally as much positive peace!

April 6   ………   Full Moon in balanced and bygones leaning Libra shines of Good Friday and illuminates the start of Passover.  Bitter were the denials and the betrayal and are the herbs.  I think a Prayer for Strength from Cornug’s ‘Handbook of Angels’ is our call to action on this day.  Let’s go ahead and invoke Archangel Chammuel three times all the while knowing that he joins with your personal power AND your personal will to assist in the accomplishment of even the loftiest goals ON HIGH.  Be very specific with this angel as he can be your newest bff.  Say the following at least three times today:  “Mighty I am the Love, Power and Wisdom to realize (insert your goals here).  Mighty I AM.  Mighty I AM.  Mighty I Am.  Because MIGHTY, you is!

April 7   ………   Venus squaring off against her biggest booty caller Mars making for sparks flying and heated communications today as well.  Although I’m pretty sure she’s only starting this squabble for the make-up sex.  If you want to have a heated hook up too use red sheets.  Spray essential oil of ylang-ylang around the room and keep it lightly lit – JUST the room that is!  You shouldn’t be lit at all unless you were having some champers with your aphrodisiac oysters and/or chocolate covered strawberries.  Just sayin’!

April 9   ………   Venus sextiles Uranus and then tells you to take a risk or go on an adventure today – either one (or both) will pay off in pretty positive and possibly prosperous ways!  Just don’t forget to carry a couple of fresh sprigs of parsley on your person to protect you as you go.  Do as the ancient Romans did and promote all the magical powers of parsley, an all-purpose herb that protects and purifies at the same time. And that loves an adventure!  Take a risk, take some parsley and take the time to turn your luck around!  THAT’S what today is all about.

April 13   ……..   HEAR YE, HEAR YE!  SUPER STELLAR DAY IS HEAR YO!  Now, you know you can ONLY get this info if you’re subscribed to the free monthly newsletter and you know you can sign up for all same at www.ellenwhitehurst.com.  Join the Empowered Elite and get your super duper stellar day info every month so you can take total advantage.  Yo.

April 15   ……..   Sun opposing Saturn.  Yuck.  Just when we thought is  was safe to dive back into the flow of new and exciting opportunities comes energies that aim at teaching life lessons, the hard way.  Okay, here’s our plan – cross every T!  Dot every I.  Don’t ever let ‘em see you sweat and don’t overlook a thing.  A taxing day to be sure but surely a nice relaxing Epsom salts bath (2 cups) to which 9 quarter size pieces of orange peel have been added will certainly wash today’s shite right down the drain.  Literally.

April 21   ……..   New Moon rising in Taurus while the Sun sextiles spiritual Neptune – inspiration ALL around but most especially spilling out of the Arts.  What a great day to either take in a show or create one yourself.  Tap into your own inspirational and creative abilities by taking time to trigger the ‘Creativity’ arena in your own home.  Located at the center or middle of the entire right-hand side of your house, you can activate these energies by playing music in this area or putting an image of a rainbow there or even by adjusting by offering complementary elemental energies as well.  Seven metal coins placed anywhere inside the ‘CHILDREN/CREATIVITY’ area will make your mind a fertile canvas.  Go ahead and birth your own art today.  Happy.  Birth.  Day.

April 22   ……..   Mercury the Messenger is chattin’ up a highly charged Uranus continuing yesterday’s inspirational energy while also guaranteeing that ideas that come out of the blue will snap, crackle and POP!  You can actually assist all those imaginative energies to take root by hanging a clear quartz crystal anywhere above your head.  Even if that’s on the backboard of your bed.  Sweet dreams are made of this.

April 23   ……..   Sun trines Mars.  This is some mighty high, high, high energy that could be made manageable, productive and prosperous by adding some Maca to the mix!  Maca increases energy, endurance and stamina in an all natural and wonderful way.  Enjoy some today and bring all that excellent energy down to earth.  Not only will you catch what all the Buzz is about but you’ll feel like you can go to infinity and beyond!

April 25   ……..   Uh oh.  Mercury is squaring off against an already retrograding Pluto putting a damper on the already disagreeable downsizing.  In fact, today’s energies say that downsizing beats upscale ANY day, but, if you want to take advantage that think in more practical terms.  That’s the one way to ensure some practical magic taking the edge off.  In the case that you might need more support than put an image of a mountain immediately behind you so you can scale any upset with peace and calm and any downsizing with an upbeat attitude.

April 27   ……..   The Sun trines Pluto today putting you in the proverbial driver’s seat.  Especially if you putting your pedal to your mettle in any sort of real estate transaction.  Because of all the realty related energies floating in the ethers today I thought that I’d spend the day giving real estate Shui tips and techniques over on my Facebook page.  So if you’re buying or selling I’ll be giving the lay of the Shui land at www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst!  Come join me for a cyber open house!  See you there!

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