Best Friends Forever

Staff writer, Stephanie Becerra, gives food for thought about friendships and the lines that can be crossed when too much is shared and how it can affect romantic relationships. In the battle of significant other vs BFF, who would win in YOUR situation?


I’m not ashamed to admit that I have an unhealthy, codependent relationship with my best friend. We are basically in constant 24/7 communication, coordinate “best friend dates” and have each other’s work/school schedules on hand so we know where the other one is at all times of the day. Is it a problem? Well if we were romantically involved, most definitely it would be. It would be a perfect example of a possessive, overbearing relationship. However, since we are not, it is perfectly normal to demand to know where and what she is doing all times.


My point is this. I was watching NBC’s new show, “Best Friends Forever” last night and it got me thinking of what happens to best friends when a third person is added to the mix. The basic premise of the show consists of BFF #1 being hit with surprise divorce papers and being forced to move back in with BFF #2 who now has a serious live in boyfriend. Hijinks ensue.


The dynamic between best friend’s and romantic partners is tricky. If the change is tough for the best friend, imagine how intimidating it must be to be the third person walking into a relationship that’s already set with traditions and rituals, and where words are basically unnecessary because true best friends can communicate solely through facial expressions.


It is the classic case of choosing between your best friend and your partner. The choice is simple. Neither. It is possible to have two very deep, very meaningful, very different relationships. While your best friend will probably always be your go to person when your life is in shambles and you need someone to be fat with and watch The Notebook and cry, your partner will also be there when you need someone to hold you and tell you how beautiful you are. Both relationships can bring you happiness and satisfaction, the trick is knowing how to balance them. Also, I may be extremely biased but “Best Friends Forever” is hilarious and I highly recommend it.


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