Keep Your Boobs In Your Blouse

In this week’s post from staff writer Rigby Rat, we explore the pros and cons of sartorial modesty and letting your personality rather than your assets do all the talking. Sexy is an attitude best shown with class. Keep this in mind when dressing sexy for the public!

Used to be, women dressed tastefully and everything was left to the imagination.  Today, boobs, cleavage, bra straps, thong straps, butt cracks, and  peculiar tattoos invade our field of vision worse than sun glare.  If you’re a mindless fashion follower, and revealing tits over I.Q. strokes your ego, know this – your guy is not happy when your mammaries are on public display.

You see, it’s like this.  When you reveal body parts, silky apparel, and print advertising that he feels are for his eyes – and his eyes only – you put fear into him: fear of being replaced.  By whom?  The clown(s) ogling you.  In addition, when another male stares at you, your guy doesn’t feel special, or that he has an exclusive place in your heart and mind.  He thinks you’re encouraging the attention of other men AND that you’re sharing your body with someone else.  Paradoxically, he wants other men to look at you – and be jealous of him – because you’re on his arm.

What’s a gal to do?  Be mindful of your guy’s feelings – feelings he will never admit.  Keeping your boobs in your blouse isn’t going to kill you. When in public, acting and dressing like a lady instead of a painted pro can only spice up what goes on between your sheets.  It will also keep him from looking at other women for attention…and salve.


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