I Fake Orgasm. Should I Tell Him?

Here is an interesting question posed by staff writer, Rigby Rat. This is something that’s roamed around in the back of the minds of a lot of women over the years. Should I or shouldn’t I…? Well, if you or a friend have ever found yourself in this situation, this post is for you.

No.  Never.  Men would rather lop off a testicle then hear that you faked orgasm.  Men take a woman’s failure to climax personally.  It bruises a guy’s ego when you can’t come.

Listen ladies, if you’re frigid, never fake orgasm.  Instead, fess up.  Fess up way before you even think about spreading those legs.  Why?  Because verbal intimacy should always preclude sexual intimacy.  If you fess up after you’ve had sex, he will mistrust you.  Also, he’ll probably wonder, “If she can lie about the most intimate and precious act a man and a woman can share together, what the hell else is she lying about?”  What, indeed?

Not only that, if you fake orgasm several times and then tell him, he’ll ponder four things: 1. Oh, my god, she doesn’t think I’m going to “fix” her, does she?  2. I don’t know how to fix her.  3. It isn’t my job to fix her.  4.  Adios, have a nice life.

If you tell him up front that you’re frigid, his ego will be intact.  With his ego intact, he’ll be more understanding and patient.  And isn’t that what you want from your lover, understanding and patience?  Sure beats him getting angry, calling you a deceitful, frigid bitch, and then having sex with both your sister AND your best friend.  Now whose ego is bruised?

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2 thoughts on “I Fake Orgasm. Should I Tell Him?

  1. I agree; take that shit to your grave.
    However, I usually don’t fake it. If it isn’t going to happen then it just isn’t. The problem I have is that then my guy actually pouts a little and gets hurt feelings.
    Should I just start faking it to avoid the negative vibe or do you think its better to tell the truth and keep your fingers crossed for next time?

    • My advice to you D Dub is to be honest with your guy. When you start faking it, it’ll bite you in the ass down the line and you’ll start resenting your man for making you feel you need to fake it to avoid hurt feelings. Communicate with your guy about what you want him to do in the bedroom. Sometimes, we have to train our lovers to satisfy us in the ways we need.

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