Label or Individual

We are all well aware that “what’s in” and “what’s not” are determined by society; but these things are mostly decided by a select few that tried something and made it work. And as a result, gained a following that showed the public how it should be. Two areas in which this is heavily shown is fashion and body image; more times than not, these areas coincide and merge to become the same issue.

With fashion, we are told that to be sexy, edgy, elegant, or professional we have to have a certain look, a certain designer brand, even certain hairstyles. While there are instances in which following a trend can be a game changer for us, it shouldn’t be at the expense of erasing everything that makes us stand out from the crowd. A person’s worth shouldn’t be determined by how many designer labels are in a person’s closet, but should be determined by what that person brings to the table.

There’s a saying by Mark Twain: “Clothes make the man.” This quote has almost been made into a religion. The fashion industry has become a ruling force in society in more ways than the quest in maintaining sartorial perfection. It also affects us mentally and emotionally by making us relive our fears and insecurities about acceptance. We’d like to think that we’re above the need to fit it; after all, we’re adults. We have jobs, responsibilities, and other adult rites of passage. We have friends; we’re well liked at work and have a good life. Logically, we KNOW this; but let’s face it, the junior high/high school experience never ends. The only difference in adulthood is that your parents and teachers can’t help you. The field is wider, there are no real rules, and the gloves are off. It’s truly a matter of who has the stronger mind and personality. So in this final thought, are you a label or a person?



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