When And How To Be Assertive

Here’s a funny post by staff writer Stephanie Becerra on when and how to take the plunge in taking things to the next level with your crush. Enjoy!


Have you ever found yourself waiting around for someone to make a move? You know that you’re both interested. You’ve both flirted, made googly eyes at each other, laughed just a little too loud, stood just a little too close – all the actions of a Bonnie Raitt song and yet, nothing has happened. What to do?

Well if you’re a woman of the 21st century you say screw it and make the move yourself. Life is too short to be waiting around on someone else. However, if you’re shy or your potential partner doesn’t appreciate you making the first move, that’s when the questions of how and when to be assertive, comes in.

Personally I find assertiveness attractive seeing as how I’m usually not the one to go that route. But if you’re a girl who constantly has to go after the guy she’s interested in because he’s taking too long in making a move, what do you do then? My advice is to drop hints. Large, anvil sized, obvious hints that you’re interested and wish to be asked out. I understand that it can be tiring to always be the assertive one so why not let the guy chase you for once? Same thing applies to a situation in which you’re too shy to go after someone you’re interested in. Feel the situation out and if you sense a mutual interest, convey it and hope they get the hint.

And if they don’t get the hint just go over to them and jump on top of them. Then you really don’t have to say anything.


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