The Seven Deadly Sins of Relationships-Part One

There is definitely an argument for the well-known “seven deadly sins” to also apply to relationships. Do you find yourself being guilty of one or more of the deadly sins in YOUR relationship? Read, comment, and share!

Wrath- We’ve all heard at one time or another: “Don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath” or more simply: “Don’t go to bed angry”. There’s sometimes very good reason to listen to this advice. Sometimes, dwelling on your anger breeds resentment and whatever you fought about in the beginning turns into a different argument entirely. The other wrathful behavior that can sometimes be in relationships is resentment or anger that goes too far. For example, sometimes we can be angry with our mate and are bent on causing pain through either physical means against them or even destruction of some items we know to be important to that person. We know it’s wrong and at the time, we may even feel justified; but do we really want to be known as “the crazy ex”? We’ve all heard horror stories about the “crazy exes” and there’s no honor in that title.

Greed- Are you an emotional or financial gold-digger? Are you taking more than you’re giving? I will definitely admit that no relationship is perfect. Everyone has to figure out what works for them, but when you know that your significant other wants one thing and you’re banking on their love for you to be happy just by your mere presence in the relationship and not the receipt of your love; you’re an emotional gold-digger. We all want to feel special and feel as if our mate will give us what we want and need as we give them what they want and need, but it’s difficult to do this in a one-sided relationship. When you’re in a relationship for what you can get out of it and not for a love that will be “the one” for you, then you’ve become the gold-digger in the relationship. This might be the relationship that works for some couples; but for the majority of us, we want an equal relationship or as close to one as we can possibly get. Take account of what you want and need in a relationship, if you’re with a person who isn’t willing or able to give what you want and need in the relationship, MOVE ON. Why try to force something that is absolutely due to fail? Cut your losses, learn the lessons, and move on towards the relationship that’s right for you.

Sloth- Have you “let yourself go” in the relationship? Are you starting to take your mate, your relationship or even yourself for granted? When we’re in a relationship, we must think about whether this person can really be considered for long-term and for marriage. When you’re with someone who seems lost in a “teenager’s state of living” with mounds of laundry, non age-appropriate clothing, the utter lack of effort towards responsibility then you might want to reassess whether or not this person has the capacity to be in a successful relationship. Think about whether the pros outweigh the cons and whether your mate can work some of the cons on willingly. If upon addressing the issue your mate is willing to make a change, then the relationship might have a shot; if not, you need to move on to a situation that’s more compatible.


I hope this article gave you something to think about and that you’ll share it with others! Stay tuned for part 2 in April! Get friendly with me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, follow me on Pinterest, subscribe to the blog, or email me at!

2 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Relationships-Part One

  1. I think these are really interesting (and completely spot-on) observations. I definitely have seen myself in multiple scenarios (My wife and I are working our way out of sloth) Thanks for compiling this list (part one)! It’s easier to see a problem and fix it when you lay everything out on the table…

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