Are You Turning Your Wife Into Your Mother?

Here’s another great post by Rigby Rat. Men, if you find yourself treating your wife a little more like a housekeeper than the sexy love of your life, then it’s time to get your head out of your butt and start treating her better. Read this article and change your ways!

Yeah, you are.  I’ll prove it. When you were little your mother said, “Clean up your room.”  She said this for two reasons: 1. She enjoyed a tidy house.  2. To teach you to clean up after yourself.  When your wife says, “Would you pick up your dirty socks?” who does she sound like?  That’s right, your mother.  You may have left your socks lying around when you were twelve because you were lazy – or to be a prick – but your wife isn’t your mother.  I’ll say it again, your wife didn’t birth you.

Your wife is the woman you take sexy showers with and fantasize about.  Then why the heck do you leave dirty socks in her path?  WELL?  Listen Einstein, your mother changed your diapers.  You’ve been out of diapers for how long?  Then pick up your own damn socks.  Better yet, never leave them in your wife’s way.  Instead, do something more productive.  Go into the bathroom, light some scented candles, put the radio on low, start the shower, wrap a towel around your naked torso, grab the back brush, go find your wife, put a come hither look on your face, and ask her if she wants her back rubbed.  You want a lover for life?  Then NEVER, EVER treat your wife like she’s your mother.

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