The Power of Faith

I had a phone conversation with my mom yesterday intending to merely catch up and to wish her well on her birthday. What I got out of the conversation was a reminder of the power of calling into being things that haven’t occurred but that we want in our lives, or simply the power of faith.

In the course of the conversation, we spoke about work, future hobbies, and the current state of my writing adventure. I have been very blessed in having so many opportunities to share my thoughts and my work with blogs, websites, and publications. And with this in mind, I told my mom about my intentions of writing a book based parts of my blog. I had planned, started, and fallen off the wagon many times when it’s come to my book projects; but there is something infinitely fulfilling and uplifting in working on a book project that comes from personal experiences and life lessons. Upon hearing my passion for this new project, my mom began a prayer while on the phone with me. I had a Christian upbringing so this didn’t come as a surprise, but I haven’t actively gone to church in quite some years. I was honored and touched that my mom believed so much in me and my project, that she would say a prayer with and for me. And in this time of connection with my mom, I remembered so many times of doubt and troubled times and praying with my mom and praying by myself which helped to bring peace.

While there are plenty of people out there that don’t believe in God; and I respect that, most of us can agree to there being a “Higher Power” and can think of times during which we sent up a prayer about something. Sometimes, it just that small moment that can mean a lot and be the push we need to move steady on.


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