Hello…I See You Looking At Her Ass…

This is another great article from staff writer, Rigby Rat. Here’s a light and funny story and lesson for those attached guys with wandering eyes. Read, learn, share, and enjoy!

I was vacationing in Walt Disney World one fall, admiring the 105-foot campanile in EPCOT Center’s Italian pavilion – said to mirror the original tower in St. Mark’s Square in Venice – when a woman got into a verbal volley with her husband.  She accused him of staring at my bum.  He vehemently denied his rubbernecking.  I made myself scarce.  What possesses a guy to size up someone’s keister when his wife, girlfriend, or daughter is in his presence?  I can think of only one thing that might possess him – stupidity.  Come on, guys, if you’re going to hone in on a stranger’s derrière, don’t do it when the woman you love and respect is on your arm.  She has eyes like lighthouse beacons on methamphetamine.  Which means she WILL catch you taking in the sights. And if you do gaze and get busted, be forthright, instead of acting like a pantywaist.  Admit your transgression.  She can’t argue with the truth.


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