The Best Kept Secrets Are Between Lovers

Here’s another great post by staff writer, Rigby Rat. Enjoy!

Or are they? Used to be, when movie stars attached to big Hollywood studios started or ended an affair, everyone kept it secret.  For two reasons: 1. To protect the couple from negative publicity. 2. So not to bring shame to the lovers’ families. Today, when an actor, senator, or overpaid sports figure ends his fling, the ex-mistress feels it’s her duty to rat the scoundrel out. Not that I condone hanky-panky but, ladies, come on, your inamorata expects discretion, not a gas-bag. So, if you’re thinking about screwing another woman’s husband, PLEASE, follow the code of silence.  Even the gossip columnists knew enough to zip it.  Are the IQs of home wreckers getting even lower? Anyone?

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