Want To Ruin Intimacy? Lie To Her.

Here’s the premier article from our latest staff writer, Rigby Rat, about the validity of women’s intuition or I should say, our built-in lie detector.


Women are born with a mythology radar. We know when a guy is being bogus. Big or little, lies wound. They don’t feel good.  Especially if you are in a relationship and a level of intimacy already exists. More importantly – and what guys don’t realize is – lying is not an attractive trait. Yuck. A mythomaniac is downright ugly. Inside, and out. Eventually, we go from “he looks like a Greek God” to “he’s not much to look at.” Lying also breeds mistrust. Who wants to get in bed with someone you can’t trust? Yuck. And remember this, you can not expect a woman to share total intimacy with YOU if you are lying to HER. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t respond in bed the way you want her to.  Relationships tend to go up like a rocket and down like a stick. Keep lying to her and one day she’ll hit terra firma like an imploding skyscraper on demolition day. And you’ll be left with baggage. Garbage baggage AND looking for a new mate to wire the next set of explosives to.  What I believe? “Truthfulness is the ultimate, intimate experience two people can share.”

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