For Love or Money

Where did the love go? Does love have a price tag now? Are marriages about til death anymore or are we just getting married on a whim or until something better comes along? Share your thoughts.

I find it unfortunate that we live in an age in which love is more of a commodity and something to be bought, sold, and bargained for. When we plan our weddings for a marriage that is meant to be “til death”, we probably shouldn’t be planning an escape before we say “I do.” When we plan for a divorce before we make it down the aisle, we should probably reassess whether or not the relationship has a fighting chance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go into a marriage blindly and share EVERYTHING 50/50; but when the pre-nup takes more time planning than the “blessed event”, you should probably admit that you have a divorce lawyer on speed dial and are already laying odds as to how long the marriage will last. Society bashes the people who have the guts to admit when they’re marrying for money or status; but I applaud this group since they at least are upfront about why they are really there. It’s easy to get shocked or angry about the “gold-diggers” or “social climbers”, but let’s face it, they are probably on the list of couples with longer marriages because they know what it’s all about and what the other expects. If we were all so upfront about what we want and what we will and will not accept, then we’d probably have a shot at lowering the divorce rate. Marriage is a serious business. The sooner we all realize that, the better.

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