What Do You Really Want?

Here’s another great post from Liz at We Love Dates! If you have ever considered online dating, then you should read this post!

It shouldn’t surprise me that so many of my friends come to me for online dating advice…and by advice, I mean that they ask me sweetly to write their profiles and respond to their emails for them. As long as they buy me a drink, I’m more than willing to help. I’m a giver,what can I say?

I find myself asking them the same question-What do you want? Or, more specifically, WHO do you want? Quickly followed by, do you have any idea what you’re looking for in a man? Usually, the response goes something like this-“I’ll know when I meet him” or “I just don’t want to be alone.” But the thing is, how will you know when you’ve found something if you don’t know what you were looking for in the first place?

To be successful at online dating, you’ve got to have some kind of plan. If you don’t, it’s easy to get distracted by all the attractive (and not so attractive) options. Distractions aren’t always a bad thing, but there’s a time and a place-and you’ve got to consider if they will get in the way of your end goal. You know…your happily ever after.

Online dating is great, but it’s also a huge time suck. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the desire, nor the time, to sit around online and talk with guys who have no chance of making me happy in the long-run. Sometimes, my friends will tell me they feel bad or guilty if they don’t respond to an email from a guy they know they wouldn’t be interested in. My thoughts? There’s no need to string someone along, and if you wouldn’t talk to him in real life, you shouldn’t talk to him in your cyber life.

Be selective. Have an idea of what kind of person you’re looking for…and if you don’t know, spend some time figuring it out! Trust me, it will save you a heck of lot of time, and stress, in the long-run.

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