All I Want For Christmas

Now more than any time is the time to pay it forward to our fellow man and remind each other that there is still good in the world and the love, hope, and kindness are the greatest gifts that can ever be given.


When asked, “what do you want for Christmas?” the child in us wants to come out and rattle off a mile long list of gifts we want. With a day like Christmas, we feel we have license to ask for whatever we want and not feel guilty about it, almost like an extra birthday. Somewhere deep inside there’s also the desire for love, happiness, good will, and better days for others; but saying it out loud sometimes feels as fake as a beauty pageant contestant saying she wants world peace above all else when realistically most of those contestants want the opportunities opened to them by winning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that man isn’t inherently good, just a little selfish at times. The things that the “almighty dollar” can buy has trumped what can be gained by spending time with friends and loved ones and the memories and experiences that come from those moments. Sure, money buys the props and location of the memories, but the people who influence those memories are priceless.

I remember my first Christmas while in a serious relationship. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family. During this time, I truly felt the Christmas spirit. The scene was set by beautiful home surroundings, mountains of delicious food, great music, and kind generous people more than willing to accept any guest with open arms. What I remember more fondly than the gifts I received that Christmas is the experience I had in being welcomed by my boyfriend’s family in lieu of spending it with my own. I was and continue to be grateful for those memories in spite of no longer being in that relationship.

As I sit now thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday, I try to picture in my mind what memories I’d like to make to take into the New Year and beyond. I think about the comforting, homey activity of baking for family and friends, spreading the sugar and spice of homemade cheer. I think of spending the holiday with family as I’ve wanted to for the past couple of years. I think lastly, but certainly not least, of love; of love past and present; of love still trying to figure out its status. All I want for Christmas is the chance to hold on to the love in my life and the wisdom to appreciate it.

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