Our emotions are a large part of our beings. There’s no shame in showing our emotions. Here’s a poem I wrote about my own emotions about a man I loved very much. Maybe you can relate.



All the feelings bottled up inside

Cloud the mind, burn the soul

In the present, I’m in the arms of safety

In my alternate mind, I’m lost without a home

The future is certain, yet uncertain

I lay in misery, my thoughts in turmoil

Yet you hold me and tell me I’m okay

Here I am safe, here I am loved

The floodgates of all my pain and fears

Flow out in great gushing gulps

I try to build a dam in my mind

A reserve for my soul to cover up the pain again

But the steady stream has done its damage

A new path has opened, a new valley to lay claim to

I am now laid open for you who cares to see

For long have you sought and now have found.

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