Just In Case You Forgot,It’s Always the Victims Fault

I think most of us have heard or read about how certain unfortunate circumstances such as unwanted advances or breakups are usually the victims’ fault. For example, “if she wasn’t dressed so provocatively, or if she wasn’t so pretty, then she wouldn’t have gotten “what was coming to her”. The victim is similarly blamed for breakups. For example, if he or she were this or that or more what I wanted them to be, then I wouldn’t have had to breakup with them. It’s always easy to blame someone else whether it’s warranted or not; but to blame a person for ALL their own romantic misfortunes is too simplistic. Why should a person put up with bad behavior for the sake of being able to say that they’re part of a couple? A person deserves more than to have a place-holder relationship. Many such relationships tend to grow from a sense of loneliness in which a person buries him or herself in the negativity of being alone. Love should be seen as something to enhance life not to be a matter of control of another person. In reality, not all is fair in love and war; but we can do better by each other than to point fingers and not take responsibility when necessary. Sometimes, relationships work out and unfortunately more times than others, they don’t. What we need to do is to learn about what we want and need and learn about ourselves in the process.


What do you think readers? What’s your story?

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