Quote of the Day

Love and compassion like hope and faith bolster our hearts to make us stronger.


Cautious or Picky?

Wings of Wax

Sometime the heart isn’t always walking arm in arm with logic; but it does require a certain amount of courage find yourself while being faced with the seemingly impossible. Tell me your break-out moment. I’m more than happy to share inspirational tales! Enjoy!

They said I couldn’t do it

They said it a fool’s errand

They said it’s not done

I made my wings to soar

I leaped towards the heavens

For one blissful moment

I floated on air against the sun

As I fell back to the earth

I thought of your face

The envy of your unwilling adulation

Of my courage to defy the odds

I now lay bruised and broken

But no less determined

To rise above it all

And to gain more steadfast wings