Dos and Don’ts of First Dates

Trying to make it to the second date?  Check out these Dos and Don’ts that could help put you on the road to second date glory.

1) DO be on time. First dates are like job interviews. First impressions matter A LOT. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by being late. Since you both are taking time out of your schedules to spend time together, you should both be considerate of one another’s time. If one or the other is late, it is viewed as if the person wasn’t deemed important enough to be on time for. It sets a negative tone and sets questions in the mind about whether or not that person is inconsiderate in other ways.

2) DON’T talk about your ex. The date is about you and the person you’re with. Don’t make it a threesome with the ghost of your ex. One way to sink a date quickly is to constantly make comparisons between your date and your ex. No one likes feeling second best.

3) DO let yourself be in the moment. Let yourself be mentally and emotionally available to really gauge whether or not you can see yourself allowing a second date. Enjoy the person. Pay attention to what they’re saying. Contribute to the conversation. This will help to determine whether or not the two of you have enough in common to move forward. Physical attraction is great, but eventually, it won’t be enough to sustain a relationship.

4) DON’T get sloppy. No one likes to be with someone who doesn’t know how to be appropriate. It’s okay to drink while on a date, but it’s NOT okay to get drunk. Know your limit and stay sharp. And while eating, show that you know some table manners and use your napkin to wipe your mouth and don’t chew with your mouth open or talk with food in your mouth.

5) DO make a good last impression. If you’ve decided that you’d like a second date, then show it. Make the first move and suggest a second date. There’s no time like the present. Don’t play games. If you want to see the person, then say so. If not, don’t jerk them around by giving false hope. Let them know where they stand. It’s a much more mature way of handling things then leaving that person with “The Guessing Game” as a consolation prize.

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