Under Pressure

Does your relationship seem like a pressure cooker? The wrong look, wrong word and it all explodes?  Has there always been some subjects that are just off limits? This is something that you should pay attention to. One thing that is vital to healthy relationships is open communication. By that, I don’t mean just saying whatever pops into your head. You still need to be considerate and tactful, but flat out lying or withholding something is still a lie and still a problem. We all have our own expectations, needs, and wants when we approach a relationship, but are we really honest with ourselves and our mate about what may be a deal breaker? We don’t want to seem selfish by putting out a laundry list of needs and that’s fine; but if we really want to be fair to ourselves and to the person we’re with, we need to take a clear and thorough look at what we need to be happy and fully present in the relationship. So sit down and make a list of things you would like to have in a relationship and things you need in a relationship and a third column for things that are absolute deal breakers. You should know what you want and what you will and will not compromise on. Take the time to simmer for a while and soon you and your relationship will be just the right temperature.

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